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Reflection on Message of Our Lady


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God our Father is our source, giver of life and power. He sent down his only begotten son Jesus Christ to redeem our sins. Surely, it’s painful for a mother and father to sacrifice their son for other people. But how come that we, His people didn’t notice this sacrifice and that we don’t pay any attention to the message of Our Lady. In all simplicity Mary at La Salette calls the two children to come near. Her words echo her Son’s invitation to come to him that we may find rest from our burdens and refreshment for our spirits. I’ve learned that we should feel welcomed and loved and that we should come nearer to God who desires only good for us. She reminded us that God continues to break into our world, restoring and renewing the face of the earth. This is the good news! This is the source of our joy! I’ve learned that no matter how careless, rude and immoral we are, He is always there. Guiding us into the right path in life. Mary said "If the harvest is ruined, it is only on account of yourselves. I warned you last year. You paid no heed! Instead, you swore. The rest will do penance through the famine.” Mary’s message startles us to an awareness of the evils of our world and to our own indifference. Today two-thirds of the world suffers or dies from hunger. Human rights are ignored across the face of the earth and injustice lies in our very doorstep. I’ve learned that we shouldn’t abuse what He have given us and that we should give worth and contentment to what we have. Mary said: “if my people are converted, rocks and stones will turn into heaps of wheat. I’ve learned that Mary’s apparition on the barren slope of La Salette has unleashed a stream of life-giving water, bearing the promise of refreshment and renewal. Heeding Mary’s call to conversion makes our own lives rich and fruitful. Mary said: “Do you say your prayers well, my

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