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Reflection on My Personal Values

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As I considered my personal values and the values taken into consideration in the simulations, I concluded that my personal value system had not changed but had expanded. Before performing the simulations, my personal value system consisted of values such as integrity, respect, trust, loyalty, and quality relationships. The new values that I have added to my value system are time and confidentiality. In the following sections, I will discuss my values on time, confidentiality, and loyalty – an existing value.

Valuing Time
Time has become one of my values because everything that I do and every decision that I make depends upon how I allocate my time to perform and complete my tasks. I also consider time to be an important value because I must consider it when I create and plan schedules to show when project assignments are to be completed. And, time plays an important role on my job when I have to set up conference calls with out-of-state vendors or customers to finalize decisions and job assignments.

Valuing Confidentiality
Confidentiality has become one of my values because it is important for me to be aware of how I handle confidential information. Confidentiality is very important in my line of work because many of my job assignments involve classified information that is authorized for only certain individuals to handle. Confidentiality is also crucial because I must always be mindful of whom I discuss my job responsibilities with, conceal classified documents properly, and remain aware of whom I come in contact with when traveling for the job. If confidential information were to leak out and emerge in the form of rumors within the office, I would not confirm or deny the information and let others know that I am not at liberty to discuss the...

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