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Reflective Essay To Establish In UWP 001

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Coming into the quarter I had a few goals set for myself as a writer that I wished to accomplish in UWP 001. A few of the goals I wished to accomplish for myself were better use of rhetoric devices in my writing and strengthen my sense of audience awareness. I feel like I have made huge strides forward in both these areas of emphases that I wished to fix. I chose my problem paper to go along with my research paper for my portfolio. I chose my problem paper over assignment 1 for a variety of reasons. I felt like my problem paper challenged me more out of the two papers. I found it especially challenging having to present my problem for without sounding like I was complaining every step of the way. This made word choose extremely important and …show more content…
I have always had a grasp on this concept, but for most essays I have writing in my life; the intended audience was always the instructor. Therefore, coming into this class I lacked experience when it came to writing to other audiences and properly constructing my paper for them. The problem paper gave me a chance to do that. There were a few times that I lost sight of the audience throughout the paper. Professor Kissinger said I had good moments of audience awareness and community oriented appeals. This gave me confidence that I was heading in the right direction, but it told me there is still lots of room for improvement. My goal is to have good audience awareness throughout the essay not just moments. Knowing and understanding your audience is important in writing and if you lose sight of it your writing loses its effectiveness. With my community oriented appeals I was also able to tie in some political rhetoric along in my essay, by explaining the consequences if the problem was not fixed. Even though it would have been easier for me to go with assignment 1 for my portfolio I feel like my problem paper help me grow more out of the two

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