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Reflective Paper Math 157

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Reflective Paper

Evan Schwartz

Reflective Paper
The course math for elementary teachers has taught me many concepts on how to work with students and to help them achieve success in the classroom. The objective of the course Math for Elementary teachers two is to assist the learner with understanding day to day applications of mathematics, and to give different ideas on how to differentiate learning. There were several ideas covered in this course but there are several of the major mathematical concepts that stand out to me. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics principals and standards was a very big help in guiding me to understand what was required to teach specific grades based on the common core.
The major mathematical concepts that are in this course are, data analysis, probability, introduction to geometry, applications of geometry, application of measurement and mathematical connections. In data analysis we used appropriate statistical methods to analyze data such as detecting patterns, developing explanations and testing hypotheses. Teaching the children how to sort the data such as using tally marks for how many people like a certain object over something else. Bar graphs, pie graphs, line graphs and pictographs. Learning data is a very important concept that the students will need for the rest of the educational career.
Probability which is the measure of how likely something is was also a concept that was covered in the class. With probability you have the experiment which is the situation that involves the probability. The outcome is the result of the trial of the single experiment, the event is one or more outcomes of said experiment. You can teach probability using spinners, dice, and coins.
The concept of geometry in elementary school is closely involved with other topics in math like numbers and...

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