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Your Leadership Manifesto

1. I believe my subordinates would describe me as easy going. One of my subordinates described me as a pacifist, filling more of a peacekeeping role in the work center yet still demanding. They see me as highly approachable and always available, ready to teach or provide guidance when asked. I think they also see me as very detail oriented because I’m so picky about the way they do things.
2. My supervisor would describe me as an effective follower with some room for improvement. He sees me as very eager to please and as someone who never wants to disappoint. I think he would say that I need to take ownership of leadership’s decisions in order to do a better job at promoting them. He would also like me to be more open with my suggestions and opinions and not afraid to object if necessary. He would also like me to seek feedback more often and be more accepting of change.
3. Reflecting on my time at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, I feel that I have used more of a Management by Exception-Active leadership style. There are so many processes and programs that are broken in the work center that I have not taken the time to properly motivate and train the Airman unless they specifically ask for help. I demand excellence, and the Airmen are more intimidated into compliance than motivated to excel. As it turns out, this leadership style, while effective in getting things moving in the right direction, has not produced the results I would like. Just prior to coming here, I learned that all these problems culminated from the Airman never receiving the proper training or oversight they required. I will have to tailor my leadership style to include more hands-on and proactive training to aide in correcting these issues when I get back.
4. I believe that I am an effective NCO who constantly strives to meet standards and maintains a level of technical expertise commensurate with my rank and experience. I feel that I am stuck behind my desk more than I would like to be and need to make a concerted effort to get out to the equipment and help with maintenance and training. I also feel that I need to do a better job at providing constant feedback and direction to my subordinates to ensure they continue to improve and excel as NCOs and leaders.
5. My supervisor has told me that he sees me as dedicated and hardworking with a real desire to improve those around me. I have a good work ethic, a high level of motivation and a great deal of pride in my work. He says that I am always aiming to provide accurate and detailed information but that I need to focus more on timeliness rather than an absolutely perfect product.
6. I believe my strengths are my attention to detail, dedication to a job well done (perfectionist) and my willingness to work (work ethic).
7. My essence is a mystery even to me. The only things that come to mind are solitude and contemplation. I will sit in silence and think about something for hours. In fact, I sat and thought about how to answer this question for over seven hours and am still not convinced it is correct. I am someone who must fully understand something before I am comfortable sharing it. I also must have time alone, isolated, in order to recharge. I will often stay late at work for a few extra minutes just to enjoy the quiet of the empty office before going home to my wife and children. Though I long for solitude, I do still enjoy the time I spend with my family and others.

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