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Jason Johnson English
12/20/15 Pace University Reflective Essay
My experience in this English class has been an extremely taxing and knowledgeable experience. As far as taxing, it’s been hard to balance writing papers, reading, personal life, and handling my day to day professional job. Although it’s been a bit taxing, it’s been a pleasure to learn so much in this class. As far as knowledgeable, I was able to have a better understanding and structure of the writing process.
I have learned so many things that will give me the necessary disciplines to excel in my daily life from this class. This class showed me structure in my writing. I learned how to properly write a thesis statement and for my concluding thoughts to back up this statement. I use this entire process when I want to prove a point to someone. Another thing that I learned is that my constant text messaging has caused me to become lazy when I type. When you text you don’t fully write out the word or your phone automatically corrects a word. Now when I text I write out the word fully and when I spell a word wrong I look it up and don’t use auto correct. I also learned in this class when you are typing a paper you have to write can not and not can’t. I also learned a lot from the papers that we had to read in this class. In the Objectionable Language paper, we learned how people now a days or desensitized to cursing. In How Does the Brain Learn Best, we learn how sometimes we need to not do anything like get some sleep to actually learn something. Our brains don’t always retain all the information that we take in. Sometimes the brain needs...

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