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Regent Grand Hotel

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(1) The issue of empowerment in Regent Grand Hotel, and the possible solution to empower employees in Regency Grand Hotel.

Issue 1) Becker said it was ok to make a mistake once, but not twice. This doesn’t motivate individuals to work outside their current boundaries and hence doesn’t empower employees. Results) Employees, especially, supervisors are worried about their job security and position rather than being empowered to be creative and innovative.

Issue 2) Even though Becker was trying to implement empowerment strategy by enforcing employees to be creative and innovative when they handle the problems, there was lack of details. Soultion2) Define The Scope And Content Of Empowered Work Empowerment can make leaders and employees alike uncomfortable if the scope and duties of authority are not clearly defined. When empowering employees, leaders must be explicit about what is involved and the goals that must be reached. The scope of authority delegated also needs to be explained in detail to raise employees’ sense of responsibility. (YE Ji-Eun , 2012)

Issue 3)
Becker didn’t know the employees’ ability specifically. That’s why He just provides vague guidelines for employees. For example, he just stressed the more complex issues and decisions were to be referred to superiors, who were to coach and assist rather than provide direct order.

Solution3) (Understand And Develop Employees’ Capabilities)
Understanding the skill sets and pace of each employee will facilitate the proper matching of assignments. Any shortcomings, of course, will require coaching that can be addressed through company- wide training. Starbucks, for example, simultaneously shut down 7,000 shops in the US for three hours in 2008, when the company was underperforming. To revive the “Starbucks experience” in the minds of customers, it retrained its 130,000…...

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