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Regional Hospital

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Orangeburg Regional Medical Center
Lakenya Miller
HCS 235
January 16, 2012
Maria Cabanillas

Orangeburg Regional Medical Center has been serving the residents in Orangeburg County over thirty years. Over the years they have added more square footage, open the doors for new wings and job opportunities. Not only that it provided close services for the patients, they no longer had to make a seventy mile drive to have a specific service done, it was now done locally. With a great staff and some state of the art equipment this makes this hospital one the best in the area. They even have a website where you can find the many different service they offer on Besides emergency care, Orangeburg Regional Medical Center provides a large range of services to the community. They offer an admitting/outpatient wing that allow the service into one area allowing space for Same Day Surgery, which was needed to accommodate the increase in outpatient surgery. They offer some many other services like 15-bed psychiatric unit, pediatric unit, Cancer Center for cancer patients with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They also offer Breast Health Center, Dialysis Access Institute, Radiology Department, Vascular Center, 20-bed Rehabilitation Unit, and Health Plex for outpatient rehabilitation and wellness, endoscopy, community outreach, EKG, neurology, nursing units, pharmacy, sleep lab, wound center, volunteer service, public relation, occupational therapy, joint center, and Biomedical Engineering (BMET). Those are some of many of the services that are offered at Orangeburg Regional Medical Center. At Orangeburg Regional Medical Center, they provide comprehensive care and management team that provides physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of patients of all ages and their families with acute, chronic, debilitating, or life threatening...

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