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Regstered Health Information Technician


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Registered Health Information Technician
A Career Pathway Research
Denise Edwards
The College of Westchester

Health Information Technology
1564 - MED 215 – 21
FALL I 2015


This paper explores five published articles that report on information and results from research conducted online by the author about what career path she should take in order to achieve her goal of becoming a successful health information technician. and similar websites highlight the vast amount of career opportunities that is available for anyone who is interested in continuing a career in the health information industry. They also showcase the different levels of education, skill sets and experience one would need in order to succeed as a health information technician. The author wanted to investigate what is the best path to take in becoming a registered health information technician. In her research, she found that it would be best that she continue her education – first in a bachelor’s program in healthcare administration for approximately two years; second – in a master’s program in health information technology for four years - this can either be done online or on campus. It was also discovered that while she is in school, she could either volunteer to work at a hospital or find part time employment at a small doctor’s office that could give the experience needed for a technician. The author also research what effect this career in Health Information would have and the benefits it offered. The evidence suggests that continuing education and gaining experience would introduce her to a better chance at becoming a registered health information technician. This paper established how this will be accomplished.

Registered Health Information Technician
A Career Pathway Research
One of the most challenging things I had

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