Regulation of the U.S. Stock Market and Comparison to Chinese Regulation

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The stock market is the most active financial market in the U.S., which includes more than 5000 securities companies, trade associations, the stock exchange, investment banks and other institutions. The stock market can be divided into two level. The primary market including corporation, government agency, and investment bank sells securities to initial buyers, in other words called securities issue. The secondary market resell securities which have been previously issued in primary market. Secondary market can be organized in two ways. One ways is to organize exchanges, “where buyers and sellers of securities (or their agents or brokers) meet in one central location to conduct trades.”(Mishkin Eakins) The other way is to have an over-the-counter (OTC) market. The participants in OTC market trade through telecommunications networks such as telephone, email, and electronic system without a regular location. One of the importance network is the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ). Beyond those, Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) have been challenging both the organized exchanges and NASDAQ for years. ECNs is a large quantity of stock trading electronic network that connect brokerages and traders so that they can trade directly without intermediaries. There are tens of billions of dollars of stock trading in the market every day. The management of the stock market of U.S. government is to regulate the issue and trading of the stock market and individuals and institutions which are engaging trading business. The management contains the following three contents: government makes federal securities law, Securities Exchange Act and other rules; to establish the regulators of the stock market; all the Exchanges should comply federal securities law and the principle.
The legislation of Federal securities

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