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I call on us to rejoice. And forever be lifted from the tyranny that we once called freedom. We live in a world that has only declared freedom to see it be entertained. We are as much slaves as the ones shackled in the past. No, we are not slaves to a master that holds final rule. We have allowed ourselves to become slaves to something far more dangerous. We are slaves of hope. Not because there is none but more because there is only false hope believed to hold true. Our hope is not real. It is given to us by politicians and the men whom fatten their pockets at any chance to grasp what freedom and hope we have left only to dismantle it with false promise of better tomorrow. We blame them for our problems, although we are yet the ones who decide their reign. At what cost do we see the vision of a prosperous tomorrow fall prey to the ones we call our leaders. We are all but men fighting for our place in this world not realizing that most have already had it decided upon them. We feel elevated yet our place is at the feet of corruption where a dog lie idle in wait of his masters will. What is freedom to the damned? Is it a thing that can be grasped or just another illusion we must bite down upon because we know not to lay rest to hope? Or is it a choice that is our own, and we just have net yet realized that it is ours to take?

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