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Rel 133 Week 5 Lt Assignment Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper and Presentation

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In this archive file of REL 133 Entire Course you will find the next documents:

REL-133 Week 1 DQs and Summary.doc

REL-133 Week 1 Individual Assignment Elements of Religious Traditions Paper.doc

REL-133 Week 2 DQs and Summary.doc

REL-133 Week 2 Individual Assignment Four Yogic Paths and Jainism Worksheet.doc

REL-133 Week 3 DQs and Summary.doc

REL-133 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Buddhism Presentation.pptx

REL-133 Week 4 DQs and Summary.doc

REL-133 Week 4 Individual Assignment.doc

REL-133 Week 5 DQs and Summary.doc

REL-133 Week 5 Individual Assignment Common Elements of Eastern Religious Traditions.doc

REL-133 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper and Presentation.pptx

REL-133 Week 5 LT Assignment Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper and Presentation.doc Religious Studies - General Religious Studies Week One

Individual Assignment: Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

Week Two

Individual Assignment: Four Yogic Paths and Jainism Worksheet

Week Three

Individual Assignment: Buddhism Worksheet

Learning Team Assignment: Buddhism Presentation

Week Four

Individual Assignment: Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto

Week Five

Learning Team Assignment: Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper (Paper, 12 points and Presentation, 8 points)

All Weeks

Participation Discussion Questions (4 points each week)

Assignment Totals


Learning Team

Talk to your professors. Things are a little different when you get to college. Your teachers are more approachable, and you can talk to them during their...

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