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Related Literature

Teaching is one of those things that nearly everybody thinks he or she can do better than the experts. Everybody has taught something to somebody at one time or another, after all. We begin our amateur teaching careers aschildren by imposing our superior knowledge on our younger siblings or playmates. As students, we pass judgment among our peers on this or those teachers capabilities. As adults, those of us who do not teach professionally standever ready to criticize those who do (Evans, 1989). The teacher and his teaching approach play a great role in the learning of the student. It depends upon the kind of teaching for students to feel free and comfortable with the kind of strategy a teacher portrays within the classroom. Many types of teaching strategies are being adapted by teachers worldwide.

A good teaching strategy greatly affects a student psychologically making him invigorated with the lesson thus making him pay more attention in class. Group Learning is the mainly approach to organize collaborative learning. There are many collaborative learning methods, which also can be considered as group learning methods and popularly used in classroom-based environment. If they can be utilized into web-based environment, modeling and stimulating work should be finished first.

One of the purposes is to find a common approach, which can be used to stimulate small learning group based on different collaborative learning methods, on the other hand, the optimal solution is to model any small group learning method, but it is quite difficult torealize. Some experiences can be got and can be applied to model common group learning process (Zhao, et al., 2002).

Students’ working in groups is another way a teacher canenforce a lesson plan. Collaborating allows students totalk among each other and listen to all view points of discussion or

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