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Related Literature Local About Impact of Social Networking Sites to Students

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Sheila May V. Domingo
Related Literature
Impact of Social Networking Websites on Students
Author: Shahzad Khan
Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 5 No. 2

According to Charlene Li et al (2007) student activity on social networking sites focuses on communicating with each other. The most popular activities done by students and users on social networking sites revolve around looking at profiles of one another, searching for someone here and there, or updating one’s own profile, eavesdropping (sensing others activities on social networking websites and analyzing their posts). Media and content related activities like looking for an event, watching online videos, or listening to music and news. The ratios of these common activities which are almost practiced by almost every social networking websites user are calculated.

Greenhow & Robelia (2009), Madge et al (2009) & Selwyn (2009) point of view social networking websites best serve educational goal and objectives by connecting students through such informal methods as it allows student through the process of collaborative sense making. Some of social networking websites are specifically specified for educational environment including which is fully featured for education purpose and let user to updates his educational credential and make a professional connections. In addition to the above statement Ellision et al (2007) & Lampe et al (2008) also stated that social networking websites may enable collaborative sense making among students as it is used by majority of students. A number of studies have found relationship between social media and student commitment in higher education including King & Robinson Impact of Social…. Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 5 No. 2 Shahzad Khan 65 (2009) who found...

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