Relationship Between Man and Woman in the Bible

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I know that the Bible was written in a time of male-dominated cultures. So the spiritual language of the times was male-dominant "Women in ancient times were generally uneducated and were not prominent in their societies compared to men. This is no longer true in our modern times." The bible itself consistently disproves this false notion about the ancient cultures in which bible characters moved and lived. To the thought that women were subjugated to male dominance in
bible days, the Scriptures give numerous examples of prominent influential women in the nations and cultures of bible times.
If God made man and woman equal, then why do they have different roles? If this question is seeking to know how men and women can be equal in personhood and value before God, yet different with respect to roles. It is possible to have false assumptions between men and women as they face each other in the Bible, as a result of a wrong understanding of Bible's teaching. In this reflection, I will concentrate on the teaching of the Bible concerning relationships between man and woman as far ministry and the life of marriage.
There are a number of passages in the Gospels where Christ shows the dignity and respect due to women. An example is the dialogue with the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-42, where despite the dual 'barriers' of sex and race between the two, Christ chooses to engage in
theological discussion. Christ's also deals with the adulterous woman in John 7:53-8:11, where rather than acting in condemnation, he draws attention to a common sinful nature of both men and women. Christ welcomed women as learners (Mary, in Luke 10:38-42), and several women even travelled with Jesus and the disciples (Luke 8:1-3). In this we see that Christ calls all.

The will of God is that wives are subject to their husbands in the same way as wives must be subject…...