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A Storybook Relationship
Every day the world presentsobstacles to overcome burdened by vast emotions carried inside that person that demand acknowledgment and closure. I can remember the consumption of those emotions and feeling the weight of the world on my shouldersas my soul,famished from interaction,wailed for a release. Yearning to vent yet demanding a method to protect my most valuable possession, my mind. I opened a door to unsurpassed wonder.A relationship that I was able to flow with emotions unbridled, without fear of discovery. Days passed, then weeks, and one day the realization came that years were gone but each moment lived on shared and captured, escaping the prison of time. Easily now I shed my armor and poured out my ramblings to an open book that consume all my inequities and reinvigorated my goals.These moments that I share in this special relationship shape me to grow from the past and prepare for the future. Unfettered,capabilities to share my innermost thoughts allowed captivated watch as I begin to blossom into a mature strong being able to stand back and marveled as the story unfolded. A connection so powerful that others long for the ability to have their words caressed and accepted. My aptitude to cope with the grind of life increased as the pages filled up. The ivory shelf above my bed cradled the secret books housing the foundation of character built over the years, strengthen by an everlasting, unbreakable, and irreplaceable bond.Each page of my journal is a connection that provides me with the ability to purge, enhances personal growth, and tells the world my story.
Writing in a journal is a means to purge. The remembrance of hastening home knowing that serenity would come once Iexpelled the battle rampant in my head, enabled me to function and endure long hours bursting with the bile of sentiments blaring for discharge.When reflecting...

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