Relationship of Demographic Profile and Job Satisfaction in the Level of Productivity of the Employees in Private Chinese Companies

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Researchers and managers have believed that organizational objectives and goals are un-achievable without enduring commitment of members and employees of the organization. The world is going through an enormous change. Globalization of businesses is increasing and information technologies are advancing, these major changes reshaping us significantly, for better and for worse. They lead to changes in the way business is done, the way employees behave and the way managers manage their employees. For companies to remain successful, they are required to adapt to these changes. The changes that are reshaping the world have altered the way organizations operate and have also led to changes in employee's characteristics.
Motivation is a human psychological characteristic that contributes to a personal degree of commitment in an individual behavior. It is an identification of the desires and needs of subordinates and creating an atmosphere to attain organizational goals and objectives.
The term motivation has been defined variously by different authorities in the study of Psychology, Management and allied disciplines. According to Cole (1995), motivation is essentially about what drives a person to work in a particular way and with a given amount of effort. To Buford et al (1995), motivation is a pre-disposition to behave in a purposive manner to achieve specific needs. Lindner (2004) perceives motivation as a psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction. Obviously, there are divergences in these definitions, though some common threads seem to exist. What is common to the foregoing definitions, among others, is that something has to trigger an employee to perform in an exceptional…...

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