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Relationship of Open High School Program to the Performance of Private and Public Secondary Schools in the Division of Quezon

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A Dissertation Proposal
Presented to
The Faculty of the Graduate School
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course
RSH 710 - Seminar in Dissertation Writing 2

Mark Anthony R. Malonzo
May 2015



The global education agendum is EDUCATION FOR ALL. In the Philippines, it has been a struggle from the time when formal education was first introduced. The 3 major concerns always revolve around the three issues of ACCESS, QUALITY AND EQUITY.
Asking how these three are addressed by the Government is a never-ending endeavor for all the education service-providers and stakeholders. One of the major socio-economic and political milestones in the history of Philippine Educational System is the advent of ASEAN Integration 2015. As brought about by this Economic Integration, the enhancements that the educational system in the country has been undergoing, primarily aim to refine quality, improve access and maintain equity in education. Still, the major concerns that the education sector faces is the low participation rate and increasing dropout rate specifically in the secondary level of education. The data also support that there is 46,404 ES and 12,878 HS ratio between number of elementary schools and secondary schools wherein the latter is 28% fewer as the number of elementary schools. This only means to say that there is a very limited access to secondary education causing many elementary graduates to remain unenrolled for some time which now leads to contribute to psycho-social problems that out-of-school children/ youth (OSC’s/, OSY’s),...

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