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Relationship of Study Time and Academic Performance

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a. Background of the Study Academic performance of students may be affected or shaped by a lot of factors to include time management, access to facilities, conducive learning environment, presence or influence of institutional support, and other resources which in one way or another can contribute to scholastic achievement. However, there is not much research, particularly in a local setting, showing focus on the relationship between study time allocation and academic achievement more specifically among fourth year and fifth year engineering and architecture students. It has been observed that among engineering and architecture students, spending much time in studying is not a common practice, or at the very least, is not admitted. There is a question as to whether or not studying does matter especially that such has not been very apparent in the College of Engineering and Architecture. The level of diligence displayed by students of other courses or their devotion to allocating study time appears to be unusual or uncommon in the College of Engineering and Architecture since a substantive level of understanding to the mind-boggling engineering and architecture-related theories and doctrines as commonly expressed in formulas is preferred and is reflected on the degree of intelligence among the students. In other words, analytical intelligence in numbers and figures and not merely diligence defines the students of engineering and architecture. Thus, it is not so common and not very so often that one sees in school students from the above-mentioned college displaying such degree of devotion to studying by allocating ample time for such purpose. But despite this, it is of great wonder how and why these students hurdle the rigors of the course and in fact with relative ease to a few especially those gifted with numerical-analytical...

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