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1) Summarize your understanding of the “Relationship” concept.
The “Relationship” concept to me within the 4R Model consists of this: being aware of personal character traits one should embody as a leader, along with being embedded with positive virtues, which can be described as striving for moral excellence or goodness and righteousness. These virtues can be broken down into four categories of attitudes and behaviors:
Dynamic Determination - constant strives for one’s visions and goals when facing barriers and uncertainties.
Intellectual Flex-ability - possessing humbleness, openness, and the capacity to accurately see oneself, along with others and the world.
Courageous Character - embodying morals, values, and integrity.
Emotional Maturity – being able to hold one’s composure and personal feelings when faced in difficult or anger some situations.

This can all be summed up with the abbreviation of DICE. However, along with DICE, there is a fifth aspect, which is called Collaborative Quotient, or the +1 factor.
DICE +1 – entails the leader to have the capacity to make relationships and partnerships with various people, along with oneself. This will later allow a leader to collectively be able to fulfill the following Roles and Responsibilities also given in the 4R Model.

2) Evaluate the concept by describing the most surprising and interesting ideas to you.
I think first-hand the most surprising idea that came to mind was the idea of focusing on “virtues” rather than simply “key ingredients to success,” which is often found when speaking of leadership. The 4R Model speaks highly about accompanying positive virtues when speaking to regards of effective leadership, which includes the ideas of moral attitudes and behaviors. In other articles referring to leadership, such as Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve by Jim...

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