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Relationship on Love

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Love and relationship its a funny thing really. Understanding the mind will give you a closer look at relation the SHIP is simply who you want on your ship. We all learn Love through the feelings we have in our childhood. From watching our parents our siblings and friends to watching love movies, Love songs, even from the dirty little adult films we watch growing up. It builds us to be the adults we are today. People tend to think a woman behaves like women and a man behaves like men. I disagree Men and Women both act the same its just in any relationship a Woman has more "pull" for she is a woman. Regardless of what religion tells you what I do know is every human being on this planet came from a Woman yes ladies even you.
Men we sometimes have a hard time dealing with this because there are women who take advantage of the fact. So with religion its simply balanced to say a woman was made from a mans rib.
A woman wants love but response to a man being disrespectful or not interested balanced with a "I love you". A man wants love but response to a woman when she pushes him away or steps on his love like its not good enough balanced with a I'd like you to try harder. From both perspectives its simply a tomato twomato thing. Truth is we get scared to Love some one so much because we don't want to over power that feeling on others in our life we love such as family. So what is the balance of over Powering love, well thats easy something to revolve around, such as hobbies, kids, gossip, knowledge, education and even going further to define the meaning of Love. Personally Love means appreciation. More than what money can buy, but appreciating the presence of the significant other appreciating the energy, the positive out look, the positive intention, commitment, when being in a relationship communication is important, but as you may already know there are multiple ways...

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