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In our busy world it is easy to forget that we need relaxation. Reaserchers have proven that taking time out of your day to relax not only improves your mental health, but your physical health as well. By reading this paper, you will learn ways to relax on your day off. First you will need a few things: a day off, a vehicle to take you where ever you may want to go, a list of things you love doing, a phone, some money, and some friends (optional).

First thing's first, take a day off of work! If this does not happen, your whole relaxation plan will be foiled. Next thing you want to do is make sure you have secured some money, if you don't have money, you will hae to bum it off of your friends who will grow tired of you taking advantage of them and then you will have no friends. Who wants that? After you make sure you have money, make sure that the vehicle you have procured is one that is passenger friendly, nobody wants to get invited to a friends house, decide to go somewhere, and realize they have to now hop on the back of a kawasaki ninja. Once the vehicle in question is in your posession, (this includes vehicle and keys) make sure your vehicle is filled up with gas. A vehicle that needs gas not only slows down the days activitiesm but it also uses precious money that you have with you, and if you are doing things like taking a day off work, we can imply that you are not making the same income as you would be for a normal week and therefor have less money to spend willy nilly.

Now, when planning a day off you need to take a few things into consideration. If you plan on having an eventful day full of hanging out with friends, and going places, then you will want to take a day off in coordination with said friends, also, understand that when working with friends in a plan to take a day off. Once you have taken your day off, look at your list of things you love doing. If you love playing paintball, then use your phone to call your friends and go have a day of playing paintball. If you love movies, call your friends and have them come over for a movie marathon. You must remember, however, that what ever you decide to do for the day, you must leave time at the end of the day for a period of relaxation. In other words, if you spend your whole day with friends at a park having fun, and you don't get back home and to sleep until midnight, you are going to be tired the next next day and less productive, therefore making your boss upset who will fire you, and you will become a bum. Nobody wants to become a bum. Afterwards, it is important to remember that if you love doing a wide array of things, then do them! Do not limit yourself to just one activity, you will either grow bored, your friends will grow bored, or you will spend the next month regretting your decision to just do one activity. This will make you less productive at work, your boss will notice, grow agitated, and fire you on account of poor attitude, and work ethic, and you will become a bum. Finaly, you must consider the fact that you might have to do some things during the day that you don't quite enjoy. You have to realize that it is their day off as well, and they are going to want to do things that they enjoy. If you haven't noticed, playing “hookie” and actually having a good day with friends while doing the aforementioned is quite difficult and takes finess and practice, but not too much practice!

If relaxation to you is a solo event, your day will be substantially easier considering the fact that you will not have to ask anyone for a day off, you will not have to coordinate with said people and work around what they want to do, and you will not have to go to a place that is undesireable to you. First, sleep in. By sleeping in, you are subject to waking up well rested, and in a much better mood. You will also have more energy which will cause you to do more which in turn releases endorphins in your body and makes your mood even better. On the flip side, if you sleep in too late, you will wake up groggy, and tired. This will cause you to become sluggish, and irritable. Sleeping in too late usually results in a bad day off. If you have a bad day off you will regret it later, and you will become self loathing for not waking up. A self loathing employee is generally less productive, tends not to work as well with fellw employees, and will genereally get fired. You don't want this to happen, so a good rule of thumb is to set your alarm clock for around two hours after you usually wake up on any given work day. Next thig you are going to want to do is look at the list of things you love doing. If you haven't already put it on your list, it is highly suggested that you take a hot bath to start or end your day. This relaxes your muscles, and in turn you, to a point where you feel completely at peace. Another good tip is to take a day at a spa, this is widely considered a female event to partake in, but there are men who do this, and they become better workers, and have an overall happier outlook on life. If you are going to go somewhere, however, please repeate the steps in the above paragraph regarding your car and money. Taking a day off and keeping to yourself will generally benefit you, but you must not grow accustomed to this lackadaisical lifestyle. If you do, you will become a bum in a much similar process as previously stated.

As you can see, taking a day off and putting it to the best possible use is no easy feat, but if one can pull it off, to the victor go the spoils. Like I have said many times though, don't get carried away in your laziness, they are called “the spoils” for a reason.

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