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New in 3.14.7 * Fixes an issue with Windows Explorer responsiveness.
New in the 3.14 series * [Mac] On 64-bit OS X, Dropbox will run as a 64-bit application (except for dbfseventsd) * [Windows & Linux] Upgrade to Qt 5.5 * Many small fixes and improvements comments -------------------------------------------------
New in 3.14.5 * Fixes an issue that prevented Dropbox from starting on systems with certain firewall configurations
New in the 3.14 series * [Mac] On 64-bit OS X, Dropbox will run as a 64-bit application (except for dbfseventsd) * [Windows & Linux] Upgrade to Qt 5.5 * Many small fixes and improvements comments -------------------------------------------------
New in 3.12.6 * Workaround for a connection issue for users in Oman
New in the 3.12 series * New functionality for the badge * View if the document is shared, and change sharing permissions * Email file from the badge * Comments notifications * [Mac] UI improvements for the Tray Popup on Mac * [Windows] Support for Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection * Changes to how the client runs before a user signs in * Reduced memory usage * Many small fixes and improvements comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes rare error that causes Dropbox to fail to start with "Couldn't start Dropbox" dialog. comments -------------------------------------------------
* [OS X El Capitan] Fixes rare issue with reconnecting after waking from sleep comments -------------------------------------------------
* [Windows XP] Fixes an issue where icon overlays and context menu items would not appear * [Windows] Fixes an issue where taking a screenshot did not copy the screenshot to the clipboard comments -------------------------------------------------
* Double clicking the Dropbox icon in the System Tray opens the Dropbox folder on Windows. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixed a bug in selective sync * Fixed a memory issue on Mac comments -------------------------------------------------
* Improved Windows 10 support comments -------------------------------------------------
* Mac OS X 10.11 support. Camera Upload is now enabled for OS X 10.11. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix some rare connectivity issues on Windows (can't connect at all or connection is lost after a few hours). comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes an issue that could cause crashes on Windows if the CPU does not support SSE2 instructions. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes an issue that could cause an account to become unlinked. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Windows & OS X: Optional Gmail integration * Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4 * Upgraded compilers * Small tweaks to the selective sync UI * Show the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac * Windows 10 support comments -------------------------------------------------
* Initial Windows 10 support. * [Linux] Fixes an install issue in the nautilus-dropbox package in Debian and Ubuntu. comments -------------------------------------------------
* [Windows] Desktop login fix for Win 8.1 comments -------------------------------------------------
* [Windows] Better proxy support in Dropbox Update * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Improve messaging when Dropbox Update stops working * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix excessive logging. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Improved network utilization on uploads for fast internet connections. * New Windows Installer with helper for updates. * Windows native shared folder dialogs. * Faster rename detection. * Windows: User configuration data is stored in AppData\Local on fresh install (instead of AppData\Roaming). * Upgraded to Python 2.7.9. * Fix issues with view-only shared folder icons on OS X. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes errors setting custom icons on Mac comments -------------------------------------------------
* Shared folder related bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Minor bug fixes when syncing files * Open from web: locally open a file on your computer from comments -------------------------------------------------
* Bug fixes for Mac context menus * Minor fixes and improvements comments -------------------------------------------------
* Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Re-enable support for older Windows machines without SSE2 * Fix for a rare issue that caused high CPU usage on Windows * Fix for a rare Linux crash * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Additional fixes for Linux tray icon. * Fix for rare startup issue. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Open from web: locally open a file on your computer from * OS X - Support for auto-discovered and auto-configured network proxies * Windows - New implementation of our File Explorer shell extension * Connection sharing for lower latency comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Windows XP * Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Fedora 20 * Fix a rare issue that could cause crashes when using Camera Uploads on Windows * Pause icon on Mac is no longer tiny on Retina displays comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes issue where choosing a previous custom Dropbox location caused setup to fail on Windows and Linux. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes rare issue that would cause infinite sync for some files. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Rewrite of the Windows & Linux UI * File identifiers * Windows long path support * New Linux headless setup flow * Updated splash screens * New Finder icon overlays * New Windows notification area icons * New black and white Mac menu bar icons comments -------------------------------------------------
* Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Translations for new strings. * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* On Yosemite, adds an option in Dropbox's Preferences to disable Finder integration. As a result of issues in Yosemite, it's currently not possible to disable Dropbox's Finder extension using System Preference's Extensions pane. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Minor bug fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix for app icon on Mac 10.5. * Other small bug fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* More fixes for Finder issues on Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) * Fix for two app hangs. comments -------------------------------------------------
* More fixes for Finder issues on Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) * Fix for issues with tray icon and popup position on Mavericks. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixed Finder related and other bugs on Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) * Fixed Dropbox app icon on Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) comments -------------------------------------------------
* Restored a missing icon image needed on some versions of Linux. * Restored Dropbox icon in menu bar on OSX 10.4. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Updated Camera Uploads folder icon for Yosemite * Fixed Copy Link context menu option from the toolbar * More Finder integration bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Added icon overlay caching for improved performance * Fixed a crash in the Finder integration comments -------------------------------------------------
* Update Codesigning to be compatible with OS X 10.9.5 and later * Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix for crash on Windows 2000 * Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Support for view-only permissions in shared folders * Fix for inheritable permissions issue on Windows * Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue that was unlinking some users * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Streaming sync. * Scrollable tray pop-up. * Improved initial sync performance. * New languages: Danish, Dutch, Swedish, & Thai. * Beta language: Ukrainian. * Over quota "Your Dropbox is full" screen. * Post new install "Upgrade to Pro" screen. * Option to disable "Move to Dropbox" context menu comments -------------------------------------------------
* Make proxy detection on Windows more robust. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* None comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix for Preferences not opening on OS X 10.4 * Fix for notification message that kept coming back. * Updated Translations comments -------------------------------------------------
* Prompt to selective sync in the setupwizard for large Dropboxes. * Auto sign-in installers for Windows and Mac OS X. * Notification when your hard disk is full. * New icons in the tray popup. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a rare infinite Connecting error. * Fix Move Dropbox to a 2nd hard drive. * Fix un-dismissable notification message. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Translations comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix issue with linking second account for a small number of users on Windows comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fixes an issue where the second account would get unlinked if email associated with account changes * Changes to camera uploads splash comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix rare failure on new Windows installer. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a crash when quitting Dropbox on Windows XP comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug where SetupWizard was broken on Linux * Fix a sometimes crash when the app restarted itself (e.g. unlink) * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* More translations * Fix an error on restarting with dual account * Restart Explorer more gently on install * More information in startup error dialog * Don’t modify ctime on files when fixing permissions * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug where the client gets stuck at 'Connecting...' when running two accounts * Fix the wording on the 'your Dropboxes were disconnected' dialog * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug where the setupwizard would not pop up after relinking due to missing Dropbox folder * Better handling of Windows Dropbox shortcut removals * Some new translations (still missing a few) comments -------------------------------------------------
* Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug where the Dropbox folder would not go back to the same place on relink for dual account and DfB users * Fix a bug where Dropbox wouldn't work if your DfB team name had unicode characters * Fix incorrect text on setupwizard panel * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Standardize Dropbox folder name for DfB users * Prevent moving a Dropbox folder into another Dropbox folder * Prevent two Dropbox folders from having the same name * Do not merge Dropbox folder with a symlink * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Multiaccount fix: Update camera uploads logic immediately on connecting two Dropboxes * Meta-installer fix: Don't allow more than one installer to run at once * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* DfB team admin disabling desktop multiaccount linking takes effect immediately * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix bug where Windows installer would prompt for UAC twice. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Redesigned Setup Wizard. * Pause Syncing is now available from the tray popup. * New Installers for Windows and OS X * Selective Sync UI significantly more responsive comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Growl in Mac 10.6. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix incorrect throttling in highly variable internet connections. * Fix rare memory leak in Finder integration. * Fix rare bug where database errors would cause a re-sync. * Other minor fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue that could cause Dropbox to repeatedly restart. * Fix an issue that caused unnecessary "Rejected by server" errors before syncing was complete. * Fix an issue that can cause files with ResourceForks to be reconstructed improperly. * Fix an issue that caused Dropbox to fully reindex. * Other minor fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a rare hang when syncing files with finder comments. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Finishing touches comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Finder crash at startup * Fix crash when quitting in XP. * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix memory leak in Windows. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Screenshots not working for some international users. * Fix rare infinite syncing issue. * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Import to iPhoto and Screenshots not working for some international users. * Fix memory leak in Windows. * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Change Move to Dropbox to be below Move to Trash on OS X. * Fix rare issue in which screenshots were not working. * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Screenshot to Dropbox * Move to Dropbox * Import from iPhoto * Mavericks Support! * Much faster upload/download speeds for large files comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue that caused unnecessary indexing when upgrading from 2.0 * Other minor fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue that could cause high CPU usage during reindex. * Fix an issue with the tray icon on Mac. * Fix a rare issue that caused unnecessary reindexing of the entire contents of a Dropbox. * Fix a rare issue with Selective Sync. * Other minor fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Reduced initial startup time. * Reduced initial link time. * Reduced time taken when relinking a previously linked account. * Fix an issue which could cause certain files to sync endlessly. * Fix an issue which could cause proxy connection settings to be lost. * Other minor fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue where files with Finder Comments would not sync * Fix a rare issue involving symlinks with unicode characters * Fix a rare issue where spurious folders appear in the advanced Selective Sync settings * Fix a rare issue with P2P * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue that could cause duplicate folders to be created when non-ascii characters are in the folder name. * Fix an issue that caused endless syncing when encountering permissions issues. * Other minor fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue on Mac OS X 10.4 which causes files to disappear after uploading. * Fix a rare issue on Windows which causes Dropbox to endlessly sync files with long paths comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a rare issue that causes Dropbox to change directory names to all lowercase. * Use a consistent image for photo notifications. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting up on 10.4 and 10.5 comments -------------------------------------------------
* New notifications badge * Refactoring of core sync engine * Improved memory usage * Startup performance improvements * Finder icon overlay improvements comments -------------------------------------------------
* Update the Codesigning certificate on Windows. (Only affects installation) comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug that might prevent Dropbox from auto-updating. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Windows installer sometimes failing to install properly. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Polish translations. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix icon overlays not showing up in Windows XP. * Lower CPU usage when idle. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix installation error on Windows. * Fix some issues in High DPI mode on Windows. * Fix icon overlays not updating on Tiger. * Fix inability to open Tray menu in Linux when disconnected. * Fix the tray popup positioning on Windows when an RTL language is used. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup is not correctly positioned on multi-monitor setups. * Fix a bug where quitting Dropbox doesn't dismiss the tray popup. * Fix a bug on Mac where Dropbox would steal focus on startup. * Recently changed files now appear earlier when starting Dropbox. * User Interface Polish. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug on Windows where accelerator keys are not present in the Dropbox context menu. * Fix a bug where certain messages indicating time spent were incorrect. * Fix a bug where opening or closing client is impossible while disconnected. * Fix a bug on Windows where Dropbox can sometimes fail to display the tray popup. * Fix a bug where notifications can sometimes be sorted incorrectly. * Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes appear behind the tray's expansion window. * Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes appear behind the tray. * Fix a bug on Mac causing excessive CPU usage. * Fix a series of minor errors on Mac causing the tray popup to fail to appear. * Fix a bug on certain versions of Snow Leopard. * Fix a bug on Windows XP where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear. * Fix a bug on Windows affecting memory usage. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Translations for Polish, Malay, Indonesian, Russian and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) comments -------------------------------------------------
* Small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug on Windows where changing languages or unlinking sometimes doesn't restart Dropbox. * Fix a bug on Windows XP where the tray popup would fail to appear. * Fix a bug in Finder integration where certain files would cause Finder to hang. * Fix a bug where clicking Share Link didn't open the sharing dialog. * Fix a bug on OSX where the popup is not always positioned properly. * Fix the appearance of the tray popup when Aero is enabled or disabled. * Provides a workaround for users using screen readers on Windows when the tray popup isn't usable. * Disables accelerated compositing for users on 2010 MacBook Pro notebooks (note that this doesn't fix the core problem, but ensures Dropbox isn't making worse). * Fix a bug where compositing preferences were affecting other apps than Dropbox. * Fix a bug where an incorrect system clock renders notifications useless. * Fix a bug where recently changed files could render incorrectly. * Fix a bug where the gear menu could cause the client to hang. * Finder integration improvements. * Windows shell extension improvements. * Interface cleanup and polish. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup isn't repositioned properly when the screen resolution changes. * Fix a bug on OSX where the tray popup isn't repositioned properly when plugging in an external monitor. * Fix a bug on OSX where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear. * Fix a bug on OSX where the popup can fail to appear if the "Hide" option of the "Login Item" is set. * Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear. * Fix a bug on Windows where pressing Alt-F4 breaks the tray popup until the client is restarted. * Fix a bug affecting Camera Uploads on Windows. * Fix a bug where a notification's time label sometimes contained incorrect information. * Fix a bug where closing the client can trigger errors. * Various performance improvements and bug fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* New Notifications UI in the tray for Windows and Mac. * Autoupdate improvements. * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Dropbox is now translated to Brazilian Portuguese! * Fix for 0 byte files appearing when programs like Adobe Lightroom are being used. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix icon overlays not updating in OS X comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix crash in Finder. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Remove extraneous log message accidentally left in. * Fix syncing of files called "" on Windows. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix not using Growl on Snow Leopard and below * Fix hang on startup on Leopard * Upgraded to Growl SDK 1.2.3 comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix web login not working in certain cases. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix Finder overlays not updating properly on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix a hang that affects a handful of people. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix dependencies on OS X comments -------------------------------------------------
* Remove more excessive logging. comments -------------------------------------------------
* OS X: Fix notifications not showing up in Snow Leopard and below. * OS X: Fix icon overlays getting out of the Dropbox folder. * OS X: Fix Dropbox not autostarting after updating. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix memory leak in Mac when downloading lots of files. * Fix autoupdate not working sometimes on Windows XP comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix install failure in Windows 2000. * Fix rare issue with sync not working on 10.4 * Other small fixes. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix install failure in Windows XP and Vista. * Fix some Italian translations. * Fix problem where selective sync windows would be blank after update. * Fix web login not working when Dropbox was not in English. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Translations for Italian and Iberian Spanish * New icons! (Retina support!) * New Mac installer (just double click!) * Faster startup time for Mac users with lots of files * Improved web login from client * Improved performance through use of Python 2.7 comments -------------------------------------------------
* Double click installer for Mac. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix menu icon not showing for Ubuntu 12.10 * Fix tray icon not showing for Windows 8 * Other small fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Support for two-step verification * Minor bug fixes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Mountain Lion support. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Support our new plans. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix missing Korean Translations * Better photo importing from Blackberry devices comments -------------------------------------------------
* Korean Language Support comments -------------------------------------------------
* Add missing translations. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix performance problem when syncing a lot of files * Fix inability to leave shared folder bug * Fix Dropbox not starting on OS X sometimes comments -------------------------------------------------
* Importing of photos from cameras, phones, and SD cards. * Batch upload/download of files. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Provide more help information in the extremely rare case that Dropbox cannot start on Windows comments -------------------------------------------------
* Add missing translations. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix another very rare issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows. * Give better error message for common Registry issues on Windows. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Fix very rare issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows. * Fix Selective Sync not working on Windows 8 Developer Preview. comments -------------------------------------------------
* Security enhancements, an attacker will not be able to steal your computer's account credentials just by copying configuration files to another machine. * New encrypted database format to prevent unauthorized access to local Dropbox client database. * Enhanced Lion integration

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Evaluating Beyonce Album Release music was traditionally released. The Apple , Facebook and Instagram are her major methods of reaching the audience. Throughout 2013 she had performed at Obama’s Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl Halftime Show as well as an endorsement deal as the face of Pepsi and appeared in advertisements. She was also the subject of a HBO documentary. Beyonce thought of offering her new product in a totally different, innovative , timely fashion than she has followed previously and different to the competitors. When the grand launch happens it was release and offered exclusively on the iTunes store. With the collaboration of Sony Columbia Records physical manufacturing for CD’s began on the same day. The album was presented as a ‘visual album’, along with 14 new songs, 17 videos were also created. Everybody who worked on the album kept it secret throughout the process, so nothing was leaked or even implied before its release date. The album...

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Fetty Wap

...Wap, is an American rapper from Paterson, New Jersey. He is best known for his 2014 hit single "Trap Queen", which peaked at number 2 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 in May 2015,[1] followed by the top 10 singles "679" and "My Way". He signed with 300 Entertainment in November 2014 and released his self-titled debut studio album in 2015.[2] He was also chosen as part of the XXL magazine 2015 Freshman Class.[3] Wap's first single was released in early 2014 titled "Trap Queen". He made the song in February 2014, but it did not start to gain recognition until mid-November 2014, and since then it has become a platinum record and has over 80 million plays on SoundCloud. His debut mixtape, Fetty Wap: The Mixtape was originally set for release in February 2015 but was delayed because he continued to create new songs.[9] On June 29, 2015, Wap released his second single "679". The song's accompanying music video premiered on YouTube in May.[10] His next single, "My Way", became his second top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.[11] In June 2015, Fetty Wap was awarded the MC100 Award of 2015 by Music Choice, for the most played music video for his hit single "Trap Queen".[12] During the week of July 26, 2015 to August 1, 2015, the rapper matched Billboard marks by hip-hop superstars Eminem and Lil Wayne. He became the first male rapper with three songs occupying the top 20 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since Eminem did so in 2013. He also became the first male rapper in......

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Information Content

...(buy/sell/hold) * 5 Distinct Recommendations: strong buy, buy, hold, sell, strong sell (For each recommendation, assess whether to upgrade, iterate or downgrade) * 3) price target * These reports frequently present extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis supporting the summary measures. (R2, regression, etc) When we read analyst reports, we have to be suspicious, since their analysis differ and might have access to only popular information. 2. How to measure the accuracy of price targets? Can you construct other measures of your own? We consider a price target prediction to be accurate if the analyzed firm’s stock price equals or exceeds the 12-month projected price at any time during the year following the release of the report. Construction of other measures: you can take the average of the 12 month and see the difference with the target price. 3. How to quantify the justifications for an analyst’s opinion about the underlying firm? Table 1, Panel B: positive and negative remarks recorded for 14 different criteria (revenue growth, earnings growth, new product introductions, new projects, cost efficiencies, expectations met, mergers and acquisitions, repurchase programs,...

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Free Music and Stuff face an uncertain market that seems to be still looking for the best method of dissemination considering problems like internet file sharing and illegal downloads. What has become clear is that giving away music for free has to be at least part of a strategy for distributing music. Major artists frequently release free singles or even whole EPs to be downloaded by the masses. A few have even tried releasing their main albums for free or voluntary donations, with varying success. Sites have sprung up that offer free use music downloads or other similar campaigns, and there are sure to be more ideas coming into action every day. Anyone at all involved with music production and marketing will know that things have changed forever in the last few years, and continue to do so at what can be an alarming pace. People interested in selling their music face an uncertain market that seems to be still looking for the best method of dissemination considering problems like internet file sharing and illegal downloads. What has become clear is that giving away music for free has to be at least part of a strategy for distributing music. Major artists frequently release free singles or even whole EPs to be downloaded by the masses. A few have even tried releasing their main albums for free or voluntary donations, with varying success. Sites have sprung up that offer free use music downloads or other similar campaigns, and there are sure to be more ideas coming into action every......

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