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I will be reflecting on my experience as a student nurse on my participation in patient-centred care. I will be focusing on how communication is a key factor to ensuring the comfort of your patient during their journey in hospital. My reflection will be based on my practice learning experience in a neurology ward. I have chosen a particular example for ineffective communication. The aim of this essay will be to use the framework of Gibbs reflective Cycle (1988) to allow me to reflect in a written and clear way, this will gives me the chance to look at communication from different angles and allows me to explore areas of practice which could be changed in the future (Jasper, 2003).
As a nurse I feel that we learn a lot of our skills during our time in our clinical placements. Reflective practice can be defined as the process of making sense of events, situations and actions that occur in the workplace (Oelofsen, 2012). It’s therefore important as part of our learning process as professionals in accordance with the NMC guidelines (2008)
I this case the first stage of the Gibbs cycle (1988) would be to describe the situation in which communication was used to provide correct patient centred care. The patient in question was being admitted for a Blood Patch due to frequent headaches and a Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak. My mentor told me to carry out the admission and check that her vital signs were normal. The patient was admitted as per protocol for a day admission, which is usually not the case. A blood patch patient would only need to be observed for a few hours after the procedure and can usually get away later on in the same day if their vital signs are stable. This patient had a severe Latex allergy which was clearly noted in her notes by my mentor and she had an allergy band written she was allergic to latex, which is why she needed to come a day before and...

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