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Religion and Peace in Islam

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Peace can be seen as a perfection which can never cohabit with humanity. Relatively it can be seen that in our modern day society the concept of ‘peace’ is highly unachievable. This is due to contemporary issues which do occur in the present time the third millennium and are problematic include violence (drive by shootings, school shootings), terrorism, slavery (the 250 Nigerian girls) seems to be the most prominent issues which face the world today. Evidently it is highly apparent that religion has an immense role to provide peace amongst various people and cultures. The idea of peace cannot dwell amongst society unless the adherents of the religion exhibit the nature of peacefulness. The religion of Islam tries in many forms to promote peace. Through its founder Muhammad and the message he tried to depict regarding respecting others and treating the less fortunate with kindness.
"But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah: for He is the One that Heareth and Knoweth (all things)." (Surah 8, Verse 61). This is an imperative scripture as it depicts the way in which Islamic adherents should apply peace in their daily lives. It is also a model for all adherents to follow as it promotes a peaceful, non violent society. This is turn is the words in which
Islamic adherents can pertain to in search of peace within religion and hence others can gain a sense of peacefulness and kind relationships through the way an Islamic adherent treats his brother/sister in Islam.

Peace then can not be seen as the total absence of violence, because this is far from it. Peace in essence the concept of “trying” to achieve harmony amongst people and for common good to prevail in society but to others this view mary vary. In our 21st century society we are often faced with the challenge to be peacemakers as religious people but as can be...

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