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Religion in Public Schools

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Abstract As controversial as it is, official practice of religion in state funded institutions is illegal. According to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, the Free Establishment Clause says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” As citizens of this great nation, we have the liberty to practice whatever religion we may choose, just as long as the church and the state are separate. There is no greater organization to complicate this issue than the public school system. Children are young and naive and can become impressed by anything that sounds credible. Giving those kids a reason to think one religion is superior to another on the government’s watch is unacceptable, and while I do believe it is important for everyone to have their own religious background, the public school system is not the place for that purpose. A school is the best place for kids the same age to gather and meet new friends. Students with the same hobbies, likes, and beliefs will generally hang out together. The community cannot expect every single person to go to the same religious institution, so it is possible students lead their own practice at school. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCA, “have been on campuses around the world since 1966, and student-athletes lead the campus ministry” ( I think it is wonderful students take charge in their own practices and that will not cease anytime soon, but no where in the FCA’s description says it is sponsored by the school directly, so it is legitimate to have those clubs in school. Taking out those student sanctioned clubs is not necessary, and the school should have no say on whether or not they should get rid of those clubs, since the school system is funded by the state. Having that right is part of the freedom of the United...

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