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pg.11 1) Loving someone who is physically with you can be a lot more difficult because it’s not as easy to talk to them and you cant see them as often. But, even if you don't talk to them and see them as often if you really do love them and know they love you also your love for the person doesn't change.

pg.11 1) The “sacramental economy” is the system Christ uses to make himself and his saving graces present. 2) Christ is like a sacrament because it cannot be fully explained or understood. 3) Jesus is an effaces sign because instead of just revealing God’s love for us he actually brings us the love. 4) He is not the eight sacrament because he is the basis of all of the sacraments. reflection
1)I haven’t received my first communion.
2)I wouldn't say that i have a strong longing for Christ yet. I am still trying to figure things out about religion before i can fully commit.

pg.15 1) It is a mystery, it is a visible sign of the unseen divine reality, and it is an efficacious sign. 2) Sheepfold, flock of sheep, cultivated field or vineyard, building of God, bride if christ and mother and new jerusalem. 3) The church is a sign of holiness because the holy spirit dwells in the church and in the hearts of the faithful, sign of catholicity because it is universal, sign of apostolicity because the church is supervised by leaders who are authorized to act in the name of christ and it is a sign of oneness because all the churches are united with each other by faith. reflection 1) ?

pg.20 1) Communion with Christ and the church, communion with people throughout the world,communion with other catholics and communion of saints. 2) Try to welcome everyone and realize that every person has something positive to bring to the church. 3) Human Solidarity relates to the churches mission because if someone is suffering you try to help. 4) Everyone in the Church shares a communion in spiritual goods and a communion of all holy people. 5) The communion of the saints is the church.

pg.23 1) Baptism makes us members of the church, confirmation strengthens our union with Christ and the church, Eucharist manifests a concrete way that unity of the people of God signifies, Penance and reconciliation forgives sin and restores our unity with God, anointing of the sick strengthens the sick and suffering members of the church, holy orders enables bishops and priests and matrimony strengthens married couples to help one another attain holiness. 2)

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