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Religion and Race

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For this report I am selecting a race, and a religious affiliation in which I do not belong. Our country is great on the fact it was formed by those of differing faiths, and ethnicities. I have chosen to write about the Hispanic and Latinos for my ethnic group, and Hinduism for my religious group. The Hindu religion is based around karma, and dharma. Karma is believed to be the actions, and intent of a person as an individual factor in the outcome of their future. An example of this is those who do good deeds, and help others will be rewarded positively in life for those deeds. Dharma in the Hindu faith is like Karma, but it is more of a concrete set of rights/duties, laws, virtues, etc. promoting in their eyes the right way of living. The followers of the Hindu faith differ from other religions as the perception of a God, or Gods is quite complex, and differs based on the beliefs of each individual. The perceptions of those who follow the Hindu faith are tolerant when met with others of a differing faith. In fact Hinduism itself has evolved throughout the years with various sub-faiths based on others religions. Hindus for the most part are an accepting, and peaceful religious group. They understand that others will have differing opinions, and are ok with that. Hinduism has contributed more than most will think to America. The practice of Yoga is one instance of something that has come from the Hindu faith. Vegetarianism comes from the art of Yoga, although not everyone who practices Yoga is a vegetarian as well as not everyone who is a vegetarian practices Yoga. Hindus are also a sexual people, and the art of the kama sutra has been adopted by Americans. Astrology, and palm readings also come from Hinduism, and have been popular with non-Hindus in America.

There has been multiple cases of prejudice or discrimination. However there are two I prefer to...

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