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Religion as a Source of Image


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Consumer Behavior
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Universal Enterprises

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Contents Introduction 4 Executive Summary 4 Key Findings from Secondary Research 5 Problem Statement 6 Research Objectives 6 Research Method 6 Data collection technique 6 Recruiting procedure for respondents 7 Findings from the focus group 7 Competition 7 Price 7 Packaging 8 Indian bias 8 Ease of handling 8 Taste 9 Odor 9 Awareness 9 Willingness to spread positive word of mouth 10 Value for money 10 Availability 10 Analysis of Interview conducted 10 Recommendations for quantitative research in future 11 Questionnaire Findings 12 Recommendations 13 Exhibit 1 14 Focus Group 1 14 Focus Group 2 15 Focus Group 3 15 Exhibit 2 16 Interview 1: Salman Shiekh (Retailer) 16 Interview 4: Saad Chaudhry (Distributor) 21 Interview 5: GM of Universal Enterprise 22 Exhibit 3 24 Questionnaire 24 Questionnaire findings 27


"Chingles" are Refreshing mini gums that offer unique and exciting flavors suited to Pakistani palate namely saunf, mint and tutti frutti. It is an Indian brand of DS group of India. In India it has been quite successful and popular. It was launched in Pakistan as well. It was distributed by Universal Enterprise. In Pakistan, unfortunately it failed to receive the expected response and the product failed in our market. The purpose of this project is to identifying those factors that led to the failure here and also to come up with solutions to re-launch the product successfully here.
Executive Summary
Throughout the qualitative research of our domain, we conducted four focus groups and 5 in-depth interviews. The respondents

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