Religious and Ethnic Groups

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Religious and Ethnic Groups
There are many different types of religion but the fastest growing religion is Christianity. Under Christianity you have the Roman Catholic and their story is interesting so I will talk to you about who are the Roman Catholic, their beliefs, how they differ from other types of religion, and the discrimination that they faced over the years. I also find the story of the African Americans to be very interesting, and their story of prejudice and discrimination that they faced over the years to become a free living race in America really was one to know about.
The Roman Catholic religion is said to be ruled by the man that they call the Bishop or the Pope as many know him by. There are many different ways that the Roman Catholic are different than other types of religion. They are firm believers that God is divided into three different beings, God the father, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Son. They also believe that one day God will come back in the rapture to take all of his children to the heavens where God has created a peaceful place for us. The experience that the Roman Catholic beliefs, and the beliefs of other types of religion has not been very positive because other religions believe in things like statues are the way to praise God and some do not even believe that the God that the Roman Catholic have is even real. There have been many different things that the Roman Catholic have contributed to American culture, but the one I found interesting is their contribution to the scientific investigation of the cosmos and the world’s nature. An example of discrimination that I found was Byrne (2000), “As American Catholicism spread during the 19th century, anti-Catholic violence saw churches burned, Catholics massacred, property destroyed, and the growth of anti-foreigner and anti-Catholic organizations like the “Know Nothings.” Beyond…...