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Relivance and Contribution of Quest of Historical Jesus to Humanity

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Historical quest as a search or pursuit made to acquire meaning and historical as a systematic account of events and time relating human race.
Therefore Quest for historical Jesus is the attempt made by a number of people to discover who Jesus was and is.
Before the period of enlightenment, the church had only one image of Jesus Christ. He was unanimously and harmoniously accepted as presented by the gospels, the church doctrines and traditions and the liturgy. However, the emergences of the enlightenment period in the 18th century twisted events, minds and the faith of the people. Enlightenment was a period of philosophical movement characterized by belief in the power of the human reason and by innovations in political, religious and educational doctrines. Hence, human reason was the most appealing phenomenon. Everything was subjected to critical analysis and assessment by the intellect and those that were found plausible were treasured and the non-plausible rejected or considered as myth. In the light of this, to ascertain the truth regarding the what the gospels, the doctrines of the church and traditions taught Jesus they began questioning their faith so as to know what is truth and what is false, what to belief and what not to belief. As a result, many things which were not very clear to the mind about Jesus came up and as such the need for scientific rediscovery of the historical Jesus. Examples of such issues among others were the true historical identity of Jesus, his suffering and death on the cross, his miraculous deeds and Angel demons.
Although they accepted his core historical identity written in the gospels yet there were many mythological layers that need conscious...

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