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We will be taught how to compose original materials in standard American English. With these things it will teach us how to use appropriate documentation that is required for the course. You have to learn different writing strategies and techniques that will help us improve our writing skills in order to be successful in this class. You have to learn and we will be taught how to illustrate different steps in writing and applying what we have learned to this course. Basically the course will help us get ready for professional writing if we choose that route to take in life. With the skills that we are taught here our instructor mentioned that if anyone wants to become a professional writer in the future then we will have the skills to do so. She also told us where most of our things were located as far as tool bar and where we should check when we first come into class which should be our to do list. She mentioned that when we are looking at different things on our home screen we should scroll down on the side and view the entire screen because if we don’t then we will miss out on 50 percent of the class and that could affect our overall grade. The instructor showed us how to navigate throughout our whole course and she explained where we will be able to find our grade book, doc sharing and things of that sort. We can use the KU writing center as one of our resources also because it gives us a lot of information on how to write papers and all kinds of helpful tools that we will need to pass this...

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