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Renewal of Process

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Career Objective

◆ To work in the challenging environment and with an organization that provides opportunities to learn and contribute.

Professional Experience

|June’11 – Till date Reliance Retail Ltd., Mumbai as Asst. Manager – Merchandising Planner |

As a Merchandiser ◆ Have been in to business by working as an enhancement (IT Accessories) category planner. ◆ Monthly sales plan preparation to achieve overall target monthly and yearly. ◆ Historic sales data analysis and Assortment analysis to get the correct assortment ◆ Continues Sales vs. space analysis to change the space allocation according to sales. ◆ Inventory roll out not to give a chance for aging inventory by rolling out promotions in frequent intervals.
Secondary Space Management ◆ Documentation of secondary space allocated to Brand (SOH/SIS) per store. ◆ Coordinating with Marketing team and Designing Team for upcoming SOH/SIS, identifying space and ML mapping for smoother execution in Stores.
Analysis report Preparation ◆ Analysis report preparation i.e. MBQ Report preparation as per the requirement of replenishment and operations team so that replenishment should be smoother and execution proper. ◆ Besides planogramming preparing Excess stock report i.e. NIP/NIS report on weekly basis, assortment standardization/Planning by checking Layout module. ◆ Preparing Space allocation sheet for sales vs. space analysis and redistribution of space available as per business requirement. ◆ Creating Fixtures and designing layout model (.psy file) in JDA to meet the 3D fixtures used in DIGITAL and RDX stores.
Space Planning ◆ Space Planner – CDIT electronics goods Category. ◆ Validating modular layout to intact business logics. ◆ Validating the Assortment planned to accommodate maximum range of products through optimized space allocation. ◆ Ensuring timely release of panograms for new stores and modified panograms for operational stores to ensure planned assortment to be on display area. ◆ Creating Planograms for SOH/SIS and promotion on primary space on monthly basis.


◆ B. Tech. CSE from B.P.U.T, Orissa 2011 7.5 ◆ 12th from BJB Junior College, Orissa 2007 67 % ◆ 10th from SSVM school, Orissa 2005 92%


➢ Channel optimization using PSO and GUI using MATLAB

IT Skills

Platforms Windows 98/2000/XP Database MY SQL, IKB Data Manager Front End Tools JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning, SAP Automation Tools JDA Space Automation

Team Player Quick Learner Adaptability Dedicated
Personal Details

Date of Birth : 15th May, 1990 Nationality : INDIAN Permanent Address : S/o. Mr. Dasarathi Sethi O/O the Executive engineer Chikiti Irrigation Division Courtpeta, Berhampur Dist.-Ganjam, Odisha Marital Status : Single Languages Known : English, Hindi, and Oriya.

Place: Mumbai (Abinash Sethi)[pic]

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