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Describe a product which is unique in your country. Please provide the name of the product, a definition of the product and a description of the product’s features and benefits. Then, describe a plan to promote the sales of this product in Japan. (800 words)

I will describe REnex, the unique “Shampoo series” made in China, and explain my strategy to promote the sales in Japan.

REnex is a Chinese company, specializing in Branding, Trade and Retailing, founded by a Chinese businessman who worked and lived in Japan for 15 years, including the job experience in HAKUHODO, STARDUST Promotion, and NHK. At the same time, the founder of REnex keeps working as the only advisor of UNITED ARROWS in China. REnex is created with Japanese concepts and gathering business team from Japan and China. The core team of REnex is combined by 6 persons come from China and Japan, with rich professional experience in branding, marketing, and retail, and the job experience in China, Japan and France.

Currently, the core product of REnex is the merchandise “REnex shampoo series” and the website “”. “REnex shampoo series” is a original shampoo product based on Japanese formula patent and outline design in China. Different from other shampoo, REnex shampoo uses non-silicon formal, which is best to efficiently protect and deeply clean the hair. REnex’s head skin care product can relax the head skin, make people comfort after a hard day working. Moreover, the special formal, helps people relieve stress through washing hair, prevent epilation. REnex’s new product “Mama’s care shampoo”, specially designed for Mama, forces on supplementing the nutrition in mama’s hair.

There are over 500 stores, including Tokyu Hands, Lawson, Cocokara, SakuraKobo, Takashimaya, Beaubeau Plaza in China selling REnex products. REnex keep winning the No.1 sales among the “Everyday Chemicals products” in Isetan Shanghai.

The strategy of promoting “REnex shampoo series” as follows

Entry Strategy
(1)Complete Product
Before any product promoting in the market, the complete product is core. Because “REnex shampoo series” are complete products in China, what we should do is to put the product into Japanese outline, such as product brochure in Japanese, packaging in Japanese, and pricing reasonably in Japan.

(2)Website is REnex’s Chinese homepage. Before entering Japan market, it should be in Japanese, and build the Japanese site after the Japanese Company established.

(3)Advertisement video
Upload into the Japanese website, and keep making new video for backup.

Worked in exhibition company, I profoundly realize the importance of promoting a product through exhibitions. As I recommended REnex attended the relevant exhibition in China, REnex will attend exhibition in Japan.

Sales Strategy
(1)Cooperation with chain drug store
As successfully established over 500 stores in China, REnex has high reputation in the Japanese drug store and department in China. This will help us much earlier to get into the stores in Japan. These Japanese store such as Lawson, Tokyu Hands, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, are our goals in Japan.

(2)Online sales
Every bottle of REnex product has a QR code, customers can scan it to order products, or to check where is the nearest store you can get REnex.

(3)Inn and Hair Salon
REnex offers Shampoo products to Hair Salon in China, which could implement in Japan. Moreover, the concept of REnex is relax and easy life, REnex offer products to surfing club in China. In Japan, it is more common people go to surfing in summer, the inns on the beach is REnex’s targets.
The concept of REnex about relax, surfing, easy life, stress relieve could be reflected in the advertisement video on

Promotion Strategy
(1)REnex members
Every member of REnex is pound of REnex products, including the channel vender, REnex’s members represent the idea of REnex, which could impact people around us. I think good reputation is the best promotion strategy.

(2)REnex sound and REnex video
Made by REnex members, these cool sound and video are most intuitive tools to make people know REnex. Keep making good video is REnex’s goal, and REnex will put these video as a surprising advertisement at the airport, subway, the big display on the building.

(3)REnex house
Like Apple built apple university, REnex plans to build REnex house, focusing on build a place 100% infuse REnex’s concept. It may look like a surfing club more than showroom, but make people experience the products.

Advanced Strategy
(1)Various products
“REnex shampoo series” is only one product of REnex. REnex is a brand, which are doing branding more the products selling. Based on REnex’s strategy and sales channel, we can introduce lots of products into both Japan and China.

(2)Globalization Strategy
REnex got different venture capital offer from serval companies, but REnex will not accept so far. REnex’s goal is to make this Chinese Brand globalized, Japan is the most important point. In China, REnex proved the sales abilities, and in Japan, REnex try to prove the branding abilities. In order to get higher arena, REnex uses different strategies in China and Japan, but all of those will based on REnex concept.

All in all, although these strategies given above are my ideal, REnex will keep working on it and going forward to make people surprised with the products and impressed that it is made in China. I might ignore some aspects such as capital operation, internal management, manufacturing, quality control. However, in this century, excellent company is not always the biggest company, but is certainly a company with high unified values, pursue of quality and excellent ability of strategy implementing. REnex is such a company.

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