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Replacement Plan

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Replacement Plan
Question # 1
What does replacement planning means and its demand in organizations?
Having the best people is the right strategy for success but a better plan is needed to replace them if they suddenly leave in condition which is more critical. Replacement planning is the process of replacing shot term or long term planning so that organizations have required employee for their case of emergency. (Rothwell, 2011)
Replacement Planning is a knee-jerk approach to employees that involves identifying replacements for key positions typically at the senior levels of the organization. Little focused development occurs for the descendant and it is commonly assumed that the current manager is also a sound role model for the next manager. Chief Executive Officer replacement was the original focus of replacement planning given the critical role the CEO plays in any business. It then evolved into succession planning which differs to replacement planning only in that identified successors undertake focused development. The process of succession planning is also closely intertwined with the workforce planning process. Each can only be as good as the other. Workforce planning allows the importance of job roles to be reviewed and critical training needs to be identified and prioritized. Without such information key roles and employees are difficult to identify and development efforts will lack focus. Some employees in the organizations are preparing for the cases of emergencies specifically. Replacement planning for key employees should be an important component of continuity planning for the continuity of organization.
Question # 2
What are the basic aim objects between replacement planning and succession planning?
Replacement planning focuses mainly on the meeting demands of emergencies. While succession management is an approach to managing talent as...

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