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RSH, which stands for Rubin, Stern and Hertz is an investment banking company located in New York City. Peter Thomson, who was their star semiconductor analyst, announced his resignation after getting an offer from one of their competitors. Due to this reason, RSH is faced with a challenge of finding Thompson’s replacement since in the current market situation it is hard to get a star analyst ready to shift companies. Thomson was not only the company’s star semiconductor but also the particular one that it had. The company needed a high attention to the semiconductor manufacturing since his role could not be left unoccupied for long. Stephen, who was the manager of research at the company, formulated a backup plan and convinced Rina Peter’s junior analyst to stay in the business and he promoted her to be a senior provisional analyst (Matthews, 2012).
However, Stephen was still faced with a difficult task to hire a permanent replacement for Peter from outside or to offer Rina a permanent deal. The corporate norm of the company was unusually firm in its research sector. The senior research analysts usually began as a junior analyst and later promoted. Various analysts of the company supported each other, and there was no competition between them. The investigators worked and spent much time exploring on other firms in their zones and came up with contrarian opinions on shares. The company’s culture was among it top competitive benefits since the teamwork steered to greater company exposure (Yanarella and Green, 1990).
Despite the company’s culture of promoting a junior analyst, in the situation of Peter’s replacement, it was difficult. Even though Stephen had succeeded in convincing Rina to stay at the company, he never found her a right option to replace Thomson. Stephen thus went ahead to involve a recruiter to help him get the proper replacement. He approached Craig, who was a head-hunter at triple S. They met and discussed on the issue, Stephen demanding a candidate with qualities such as Peter had which included a great achiever, having analytic skills, intelligent and ready to be involved in teamwork since it was the culture of the company. Craig assisted him to shortlist candidates who were worthy the job and with various profiles. These include David Hughes, Gerald Baum and Sonia Meetha and Seth Horkum, who were all invited for interviews (Matthews, 2012).
David Hughes profile was that had joined Rutgers where he tested with various majors and later on established in electrical engineering. He had spent a year at a research boutique after his graduation. He joined the Sloan school of administration and then he worked in the Wall Street Company Buck as a junior specialist in the semiconductor manufacturing. He collaborated with his mentor who was one of the best semiconductor analysts, and there he learnt the significance of keeping a close relationship with clients, writing quality information and availing in-depth coverage of the industry. After a couple of years, he substituted his mentor now as a senior semiconductor analyst. He worked there for a while and then shifted to the Spenser’s and corporation. David was a well- seasoned analyst from the Spenser’s, and he was ranked the second teamer. His strengths included he was a superstar in Wall Street, ranked the first four times, the second five times and the runners-up six times. He had broad knowledge in industry and occasional social skills as well a close relationship with his clients an outstanding mentor and a team participant. Nevertheless, his weaknesses to take the position were that he was growing old, not able to utilize the technology fully and heavily relied on his assistants (Yanarella and Green, 1990).
Gerald Baum, on the other hand, was natural to be a technologist analyst. He graduated with honours in computer science and after that operated as a research associate in the college lab. He later joined the school of management and after his graduation, he got a job with the Wall Street stock company as a junior analyst. After working in the firm for some time, he later shifted to Gotz and Loeb where he settled. He was ranked the first and second respectively in the semiconductor technology and electrical connectors firms. His strengths are he is extremely passionate in semiconductor production and was ranked the eleventh within eighteen months of working. Besides, he has particular client service and work and has great skills in what the industry requires. His weaknesses include his frequent change of companies, mistreatment of his subordinates and undesirable assertiveness towards the colleagues and company. Despite these weaknesses, he had an opportunity which was he was at present a star and predictable to rise in upcoming ratings(Matthews, 2012).
On the other hand, Sonia Martha had majored in engineering though her interest was in business careers. After school, she got a job as a design engineer later as a sales representative at a supplier of electronic components and semiconductor. She then attended a business school at Stanford and after completion; she began her different career as a junior analyst at a prominent firm in San Francisco. Her strengths were that she was a brilliant writer, had knowledge in sales, dedicated to her career and stressed more on values which were a great consideration in RSH. However her weaknesses were that she worked for a small company, had little interests in traveling, and she needed a lot of suppleness (Yanarella and Green, 1990).
The other candidate was Seth Horkum who attended Columbia school of business and after graduation, he worked as a specialist at Jefferson brothers. Seth worked hard, and his clients recognized his qualities, and this saw him ranked second. His strengths are that he was rated as a runner-up, trustworthy to a firm, young, knowledgeable in networking with trading and sales. Also, he maintains a close contact with the buy side, devoted to work and extremely confident to rise in positions. His weaknesses were he has to advance on report writing, and he was ranked his very first time. In addition, he is an opportunist in maximum utilization of resources available in a firm and in a right platform to become a star.
After the interview of the candidates to replace it was time for making a firm decision on whom to take the position. Stephen prepared all the necessary data he collected and revised the candidate’s strong points and weak points as well as a comparison between the culture of RSH and their present firms. After considering the professionalism, strengths and weaknesses of the recommended candidates I would recruit Seth Horkum. Even though David is much experienced Seth appears to be the better option. This argument is in a reflection of the long-term predictions of the company whereby young talents seem to be valuable. He is an opportunist in maximum utilization of the company’s resources and in a position of becoming a star. RSH’s podium could push him to become a star thus making him their actual asset. For this reason, in Seth qualifies and is the perfect replacement to be offered the job as a senior semiconductor analyst (Yanarella and Green, 1990).

Matthews, R. (2012). Precision Recruitment Skills with Impact. Melbourne: Impact Performance Management.
Yanarella, E. and Green, W. (1990). The Politics of industrial recruitment. New York: Greenwood Press

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