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| Cordlife Analysis Report | Based on Cordlife Annual Report 2012 | | ACCY112 | |


Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Corporate Information 3 Registered Office 3 Auditors 3 Board of Directors 4 Consolidated Report 4 Cost of Sales for the Year 4 Profit before Tax 4 Income Tax Expense Amount 4 Net Accounts Receivable 5 Method used for bad debts 5 Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) 6 Depreciation Method 6 Book Value 6 Depreciation Expense 7 Long-Term Liabilities 7 Contingent Liabilities 8 Issued Capital Amount 8 Liquidity of the Company 8 Current Ratio 9 Quick Ratio 9 Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio 9 Inventory Turnover Ratio 10 References 10

Executive Summary
This report will be about the company analysis report for Cordlife Group Limited’s annual report 2012 (Cordlife Annual Report 2012, Page 1). We will be going through the information of the company such as what the types of business undertake and the internal factors like the auditors of the company. The summary of the consolidated report will be mention on the company’s financial statement, how is the company doing in their financial strength.
According to Cordlife, 2013, Cordlife Group Limited is a leading service provider of stem cell banking from cord blood and the umbilical cord, who currently owned and operates two stem cell banks with full processing and cryopreservation storage facilities in Singapore and Hong Kong and having affiliates who are operating in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Corporate Information
Cordlife was started in Singapore in May 2001, having a unique space in the healthcare industry and being one of the first private cord blood banks to be established in Asia. Cordlife is the first private cord blood bank to released cord blood units for the treatment of cerebral...

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