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This report is dedicated to provide a detailed analysis of The Movenpick Hotel Hanoi’s selection devices for hiring employees and its strengths and weaknesses. The method of analysis used for this report are examining the Movenpick’s application form and interviewing the hotel’s Human Resources specialist-Mrs. Thoa. After analyzing the raw material from Mrs. Thoa, the results were produced. The selection process follows 3 steps with valid and reliable methods and a set of criteria: application form, interview and performance-simulation test. The strengths of those selection devices are enormous since it helps with filtering suitable candidates who meet certain key criteria with right attitude from the application form. The interview is the phase where the company can assess and gain a deeper understanding about the candidates and the final step which is performance-simulation can actually assist managers in predicting and evaluating candidates’ future performance. However; there are some weaknesses concerning cost and time that were identified while the raw information is analyzed. Before each hiring period, the hotel has to prepare everything carefully in advance, from scheduling, setup to training and report and the period of 2 months trial simulation would be too long and wasted on disqualified candidates. Therefore, the weaknesses need minimizing to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process. It is recommended that the Hotel should focus a lot in training staffs with related skills and applying internet and technology such as release online version of application forms, develop software and interview using video for the interest of time and finance.

I/ Introduction
The 4 stars Movenpick Hotel Hanoi is located in the heart of the city's central business district - 83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District,…...

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