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Dear Mr.David Johnson,
My name is TRAN Manh Hung, I reply in my happiness after receiving your feedback. I appreciate that you would like to know more about Business Edge Concepts.
Proudly, I have learnt a lot from this program which helped me improved my personal skills. From the link of the course ECU. (n.d.) . About. Retrieved from You can have the overview about which skills I was taught in this course and they are really helpful in workplace.
As an over-sea student and English is not my mother tongue so that language is one of the most important things I have to improve a lot. Luckily, this program supported me increased in communication skills especially in written. Through essays and assignments which we have to finished from two or three weeks per time after that teachers will support us when correcting the grammar and structure, coherence with comments. Mather. J pointed that the development of communication skill is one of key factor which help employees become more impression with employers in her research about Real–world skills worth funding. Daily written communication between bosses and employees are necessary to save time avoid asking for further instructions. That is the reason why the messages written have to self-explaining and comprehensive. The reports of employees should be concise and well-informed because people in business are busy.
In this huge life, a person cannot do anything without other’s support so that how to work effectively in a team the key factor lead an organisation reach the goals. A company is a group of people in different departments, each of them are important to run the business. That is the reason why teachers in the Business Edge program teach us carefully about this through group activities in class. For instant, we have some games or competitions such as how to make paper boom as many as possible. From these activities, I recognize that I have to find the right way for my group to finish the tasks on time with the best result. Furthermore, other members and I also supported each other when we got trouble in our duties. All of people in a group can link together will make that group stronger. I had more opportunity to increase my teamwork skill when working at NP Oriental supermarket. Once time, the system got trouble and some of data lost therefore cashiers needed to check the price from the office to avoid overcharging or kept the customers waited at the counters too long. That is the cooperation between supervisor and cashiers smoothly to give the good services to the clients.
As I mention above, finishing the tasks on time is extremely significant for business people. Therefore, time – management is one of main skill for employees who work in this area. I do three units at this trimester and have one part time job it is important for me to have a timetable sensible. I study at university on Monday and Tuesday after that I usually spend from two to three hours per day to do homework. In addition, I have own study diary to write down all things to do on a list which is helpful to support me avoid forgetting important things. As a result, I can manage my time reasonably to balance between studying and working. Therefore, I can send my assignments before the deadline and finish my tasks at workplace on time.
I hope that these skills which I had well-trained at university could be satisfied with your company’s requirements for accountant position through my short description because I really interested in to become an accountant employee. Furthermore, I am willing to learnt more from others to improve myself and have good teamwork spirit which can support me a lot in new position in your firm. Through a short email I believe you can know more about not only my enthusiasm but also qualifies. Therefore, I think I should have a change for me could answer all the questions which you still consider. In addition, I think I can apply my knowledge from what I studied at university and experienced from part-time job to new position. I am seeking for a place where I can work with full of zeal and I can find the happiness not only from my job but also from my co-workers. Personally, I believe that environment in work place more important than other reasons for me to work at a company long time or not. I love to work follow enjoyable methods so that the tasks will be finished more effectively. That is the reason why I always waiting for appointment to tell you more about behaviour at workplace. You can contact me through contact detail below

I look forward to seeing you soon.
Yours sincerely,

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