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You have been asked by Johnsons Care Company to recruit a new Administrative Assistant for them. Write a report for a recruitment selection process that could be used to select this person |

The purpose of this report is to understand the effective recruitment selection process from Johnson Company in recruiting the suitable candidate of Administrative Assistance in their organizations. Recruitment selection process is a procedure of engaging individual suitable qualifications with abilities to apply for a position in an organizations.

We will look into the KSAOs model as an assessment of recruitment selection process for the position of Administrative Assistance in Johnson Company. KSAOs are the model that consist in Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics that a basic applicant must possess in order to perform and excel successfully in the position. Moreover, KSAOs typically divided into two major categories which consist of technical and behavioral. From technical perspective, KSAOs measure attributes knowledge and “hard” technical skills, like the basic administrative and management in the warehouse for an administrative assistance position in this instance. Behavioral KSAOs measure “soft” skills which consist of the attitudes and approaches that applicants applied in the work strategy, such as the ability to collaborate and communicate on wide level of range with the warehouse team. There is several methods that will be assessed for the recruitment selection process of the position. It consist of interview, job analysis, psychometric tests, references, bio data, work-sample tests and assessment centers. These methods can develop the KSAO’s model performance in an applicant role to the job functions. Based on the requirement of Johnson Company, the methods that will attributes the right candidate will be under interview recruitment selection process. Once the job analysis and description is completed, HR is deems to source for pools of applicant in the recruitment process. This recruitment activities and plan must be executed in effective ways in order to achieve a successful search. Interview have long been favored under personnel selection (Keenan, 1995). The methods is proven to be effective as every organization is applying the interview methods in recruitment and selection process. There have been published of several reviews with regards on recruitment selection process in recent years (Dipboye, 2005; Posthuma et al., 2002). It has discussed that a structured interviews when conducted with professional interviewers can enhance the reliability and validity of the methods. Hence, it is crucial that employment interview method under selection have a valid means function in selecting a fit candidate. Firstly, the interview methods should be conducted based on job analysis from Johnson Company. It must be consistence criteria evaluation across from both parties of interviewees and interviewers. The interaction between both parties will generate engagement in the role of the job. The general questionnaire of the job analysis under the knowledge can be measured through the ability of facts and procedure know-how. Moreover, the skills and ability refers to the effectiveness of engagement capacity in the work. It also involves other characteristics that attributes to the personality of candidate background. The interviewers can evaluate the behavior and adaptation of the candidate to the culture of the company. The reliability of the interview can be ascertained through this analysis of a candidate. (Huffcutt et al. 2001) reported that criterion-related validities for interview are more reliable in recruiting and selection of a personnel. The interaction between the interviewer and interviewee are deems important to set up the reliability, validity, fairness, and utility of the recruitment selection process. Apart to that, based on Johnson Company requirement, the candidate should be able to perform market survey and deal with customer relation activities. From the facts, there is concern from that individual customers are drastically declining. The candidate must be able to do an analytical structure and initiative of follow up to tackle the issue. The candidate require to attend client feedback and gather teamwork solutions as well. The role also should cover tasks to conclude and manage to communicate the outcomes. It is essential for the candidate to have a proven organizational skills. The capability skills of problem solving and interpersonal skills are very crucial. This is because the main aspects for the position is able to communicate with customer and warehouse team to deliver some the products to the clients. The excellent communications and listening skills will be the advantage for the candidate. Through interview process, the interviewer must take consideration of the candidate willingness to travel and work on hectic period during the holiday season. The candidate have to be flexible and multitasking. The ability to work independently and to work accurately under pressure is vital. The requirement of the cover duty and teamwork indicated that the candidate characteristics must be approachable and passionate as he or she need to work closely with the customers and warehouse team. The candidate should generate a team player attitude. In addition, the strength to be able to use own initiative and adaptable to workplace is also a major quality. Moreover, the essential qualities that the candidate should be appraised is punctuality and a professional approach to work.

Furthermore, selection is a process that choosing from a pool of applicants for the position that are deem suited in the organization. There is two model for selection; predictive and social. The main presumption is that the method is the optimum way of measuring the performance of the job. The relativity of candidate and job performance can be measured accurately. Furthermore, the key criteria for selection methods validity can be measured through job performance implication. Generally, interviewer may gather the basic information of a candidate for the typical employment application form. The form generally include a statement that permitted references check for candidate. At the same time, applicants would submit their resume along with the applications. The other selection methods is the use of references or biographical data by an applicant. The underlying of this approach is to match the biographical information or experience to the position. Information prior interview of a candidate will be the basic validity of this method. However, this applications can be influenced as a one sided method and not realistically accurate. The possibility of falsification information may occur as minimal evidence is required under this method. On the other hand, this issue can be solved as the reliability of the basic screening can be measured as most organizations of HR department will use the latest technology of automated checking of candidate that may save time and capability to review the genuine candidate. From initial screening interview, the interviewer may conduct through telephone or Skype etc. to determine if the candidate matches the role with their job qualifications. The vital qualifications for the candidates should possess a general standard requirement of education. Subsequently, he or she should be willing to undertake any training programmed of professional upgrading development. The interviewer may also use different type of instrument to measure the quality of the candidates. As Administration Assistance, the decision of determine the applicant potential is varies from communication, diversity, attitude, analytics, fitness, and engagement. Using a variety of testing and instrument methods, the designation of standardization is a uniformity of procedures and conditions related to administering tests. (R. Wayne Mondy, 2008). The process of selection used to test and evaluate applicants should be identical and similar as it can be. The reliability is an extent to which a selection test result a consistence performance. Whereas, the validity is the extent to which a test measures for what is supposed to obtain. The instrument of specific test should be able to assess the ability to perform the job. The application of a Psychometric test and the measurement of a personality test can definitely be the main factor in justify a candidate selection. As an administration assistance position, it would require the candidate to perform a standard level of keyboarding or typing skills. In this test result, the candidate must able to interpret the capability of skills into the job meaning. The validity of test could be the predictor of a job performance and selection process. These instruments of test utility use as a function that may save cost effectively, fair and practical to the human resource recruitment and selection process. The standards of effectiveness can be measured as the screening process can further eliminate unmatched or lower than requirement candidate. Objectively, applicant testing advantages may include a fair and free from judgmental biasness. Commonly, it can measured and validated by statistical analysis. The same standard of structural and patterned of test and interview is to determine the fundamental skills and proficiency level a candidate possess and necessary to apply in the job scope. This is to empower consistency in HR recruitment and selection. On the other hand, aptitude test can be utilized as an instrument to measure the personality of a candidate. It would be able to detect a basic characteristic, such as attitude and behavior. Besides that, it may be possible to detect physical ability to a certain degree as such hearing and color blind test. For fitness test itself, Johnsons Company may consider to require all candidate to do a medical check-up to ensure that the candidate are not involved in any illegal substances. It is also an important to employ a healthy staff in conjunction with the job requirement of frequent delivery of goods to client and also working on duty during peak period.

In addition, the evaluation of candidate can also executed in the popular methods of assessment center process. This methods will include a various assessment of individuals. It can involve in application of job, practicality of skills, in tray exercise, work sample exercise, competency interviews and psychometric tests. The assessment methods can generally test to a maximum level of criterion-related validity and face validity (Hough and Oswald 2000). The studies review are supported that the result are accomplished as it measure from all around perspective in general. However, in order for an assessment center to be achieved. The process may include explicit dimension that cover competencies resulted from a job analysis which consisted of knowledge, skills and abilities function. Multiple technique is a methods of demonstration of information and skills in job requirement. Moreover, observation and evaluation gathered from the mentor or trained assessor will be taken into consideration under the selection of a candidate. The final process will be the systematic procedure to document specific characteristic as it encounter under the assessment center. Typically, the competencies of a candidate will be evaluated at multiple juncture on each selection center. Upon designed and implemented appropriately, the assessment center validity can be the justification and predictors of a successful job performance. Assessment center may be the high cost selection type of methods which reported on the research (Crail 2007) however the survey manage to rationalize its effective research in targeted objective of recruiting and selecting a fitted candidate. Another alternative methods of selection is work sample test and stimulations. The method approach is represent by psychometric testing to the applicants. Work sample tests are realistic and practical application, hence the validity of this methods are more favorable in the selection process. The simulating process is a selection procedure that imitated the actual work base situation. The applicant will be evaluated based on the work performance result that may determine the compatibility of the applicant to the job application. The instrument tested may be useful and the reliability are more successful as Administration Assistants position were based on performance context. The methods of selection description of job simulations can be assessed through the reference of, (Paterson et al 2005) for a recruitment of a doctor surgeon.

In summary, recruitment and selection of personnel for an organization based on case study is complex, crucial and continuing function. The capability of an organization to accomplish the objective effectively and growth in a dynamic context determine on the effectiveness of its selection process. In a state that the suitable candidate is not selected, the main functions of employee-employer relations and personnel management will not be produced. Conversely, the right candidate recruitment and selection is a valuable forte to the organization. Subsequently, inappropriate selection will become a liability and complication to the organization.

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