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Report of Pfi’s Games on Different Content Delivery System

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Report of PFI’s games on different content delivery system PFI is a company produces games, and it is hard to sell products independently as before. Develop new product on different content delivery system is necessary for the company. And I suggest PFI carry out the games on Android, IOS, Microsoft and DoCoMo. This project will come down to B2B and B2C. B2B I classified the companies which develop systems into 2 types, the first type is Android and IOS, the second is the system like Microsoft and DoCoMo. Android and IOS both have big number of users, these two systems are successful, the companies has a big number of free cash flow, high technology and relevant business to support their delivery systems, the users will keep growing or at least keep the same amount for a long time. Any successful mobile software developer will have Android and IOS. Come to the end, the mobile software developer like PFI should rely on the system. Such as Xbox and PS, popular game like GTA, Need for Speed and 2K sports covers both game systems. Android and IOS get 91% of the mobile system, it is necessary to put games on these two systems. Other systems like Microsoft and DoCoMo, they do not have big number of users, but they always have loyalty users, and the competition of games is not as big as Android and IOS’s. On Android and IOS system, a same type of software always has hundreds even thousands choices. But on Microsoft and DoCoMo’s system, there are not that many choices for customers. Also the company like Microsoft is big and rich enough to reverse the situation in mobile industry.
As the summary of delivery system which I mentioned, the safety is a problem for Android, some businesspeople will prefer to use IOS system. The PFI focuses on the chess games, these types of games have more attraction for elder, businesspeople; and no young people would like to spend hours on chess games. PFI should pay more attention on IOS system. If the games of PFI are more interesting than the others, these users will not care about pay some money for the games. Also the game should be more amusing, stand-alone chess and card game will be weeded out, eventually, no matter how interesting it is or how good the effects are. All kinds of games’ future is online game, communication became more important. PFI can use the smart phone’s portable and online system to give the chance of communication between users.
For PFI’s games, single game should not be the target in the future; crossed game center should be the objective. Users can play plenty chess and card games on the game center, they play with other real people, not only AI, players have points and levels, PFI can charge money if players want to have some privileges. PFI can even make the games more like gambling, gambling never get weeded out. To be more visual, the game center can be a casino; users can even win real money. PFI can be the manager of the casino. This model can give PFI long-term revenue.

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