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Report on Supply Chain and Operation Management

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Internship Program III
Report On Supply Chain & Operation Management

In this report I had mentioned the brief about the Supply Chain & Operation Management production line of Different Caps & bottle, raw materials, machinery used and more.

Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya

A Report
A Study on the
Supply Chain & Operation Management
Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd.





Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya ID: 101CC00047

Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

An Internship Program III station of

The ICFAI University, Dehradun

(December, 2013)




Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya ID: 101CC00047 Computer Science

Prepared in partial fulfillment of the
IP401 Internship Program – III Course


Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

An Internship Program III station of

The ICFAI University, Dehradun
(December, 2013)

Internship Program Division

Station: Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Center: Selvas (Dadar)

Duration: From July 02, 2013 to December 14, 2013 Date of Start: July 02, 2013

Date of Submission: December 14, 2013
Title of the Project: A Study on the Supply Chain & Operation Management

Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya ID: 101CC00047 Computer Science

Name(s) and designation(s) of the expert(s):

Virendra Kumar
Assistant Professor and Internship Incharge,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
ICFAI University, Dehradun.

Key Words:

Project Areas:


Signature(s) of Student(s) Signature of IP Faculty

Date Date

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I have completed the internship and its report on Supply Chain & Operation Management At Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd., which has been prepared as a requirement for the completion of the B.Tech. Program of ICFAI University.
Super Packaging was established as a packaging products company which later established itself as a bottling and packaging production.
While working on the report, I have tried to follow each and every guideline that you had advised. It has been a very enlightening experience to work in this new venture and I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship period at Super Packaging. The authority of Super Packaging has also extended their cooperation whenever required.

You’re sincerely,

Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya

Table of Contents S. No. | Contents | Page No. | | The Organization | | | Acknowledgement | | | Introduction | | | Chapter: 1 Objective of the Product | | 1.1 | General Objective | | 1.2 | Specific Objective | | 1.3 | Scope & Methodology | | 1.4 | Limitation | | | Chapter: 2 Overview of the Organization | | 2.1 | Super Packaging | | 2.2 | Company Organogram | | | Chapter: 3 Job Description | | 3.1 | Nature of the Job | | 3.2 | Responsibilities of the Job | | 3.2.1 | Maintaining Database | | 3.2.2 | Making Calls | | 3.2.3 | Fix Appointments | | 3.2.4 | Daily sales and visit statement | | 3.2.5 | Attend Meeting | | 3.3 | Different Aspect of the job performance | | | Chapter:4 Aluminum Capping Line | | 4.1 | Raw Material | | 4.1.1 | Aluminum sheet | | 4.1.2 | Aluminum Roll-on Pilfer Proof Caps | | 4.1.3 | Detail Description for 8011 aluminum sheet for bottle cap | | 4.2.1 | Features of aluminum bottle caps | | 4.2.2 | Details of Aluminum Bottle Cap | | 4.3 | Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap | | 4.3.1 | Features | | 4.3.2 | Details of Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap | | | Chapter: 5 Machines Overview Used In Aluminum Capping Line | | 5.1 | Components of Bottle Cap Production Line | | 5.1.1 | CNC Punching Press | | 5.1.2 | Application and Features | | 5.1.3 | Main Technical Parameters | | 5.2 | Punching Machine | | 5.2.1 | Application and Features | | 5.2.2 | Main Technical Parameters | | 5.2.3 | Automatic Rolling Machine | | 5.2.4 | Application and Features | | 5.2.5 | Main Technical Parameters | | 5.3 | Cap Lining Machine | | 5.3.1 | Application and Features | | 5.3.2 | Main Technical Parameters | | 5.3.3 | Stamping Mould | | 5.3.4 | Plastic Mould | | | Chapter: 6 Method of Operation | | | Chapter:7 Machines and their details | | 7.1 | Machines Names | | 7.2 | Machine Details | |


No one can say that I am perfect everyone should admit that without the help of GOD and His people a man can’t get anything so I bow my head before almighty GOD with gratitude. I am also very much thankful and presents salute too many individuals who support and guide me in this internship program. I am thankful to supervisor Mr. Rajesh from the production line for taking all the job duties to this program, I’m also thankful to Mr. Rakesh Sharma for his valuable guidelines about the all machines which are used in our training, and also my friend kapil who was every time with me in this 23 week Internship programme. I’m also great thankful to Mr. Virendra Kumar, who agreed to guide and advice us as my internship advisor and helping us on each step.
Thank you every one once again for your support.

Executive Summary

As we all know very well that time and tide wait for none. So, because of this rapid change in time and era we have to cope with it. During this era I got an opportunity of getting practical knowledge in my internship session. After complete three years B.Tech. Program, I was sent out to have practical knowledge in corporate life as a part of my academic program. An Internship Program is organized to give me an opportunity for enhancing my capabilities.
There were two major projects I undertook at the Super Packaging Pvt. Ltd but mostly focus on Supply Chain Management. Super Packaging was established as a packing (products) company but later it converted into bottling and cappling production company (mostly cappling). Super Packaging growing fast, because when it established in market then there are only a few companies are running, and after that they have plenty of opportunities to grow into something big.
I get practical knowledge of packing process, bottling and cappling and also knowledge of distribution process.

Super Packing is a manufacturing and exporting bottles & caps ISO certified company. Company had talented and expert technical and marketing team, which are works for company with passion for turn it in a largest bottle and caps manufacturing and selling company.Company produces the best quality products for different companies with the latest technologies which reduces labour and time and also gives quality products.
Super Packaging Advantages: * Great Cost Saving * Wide range of pre form sizes * Saving in weight * Better physical properties * Consistent blowing results

Quality Policy At Super Packaging are committed for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and corporate relations through an effective quality management system.

Objective of the project:
General Objective:

As the report is a mandatory requirement for a B.Tech. student and a part of the internship program for that reason the general objective is to know about Super Packaging, its history, its product and trading process and Supply chain Management.
Specific Objective: • To discuss the supply chain management & production process of Super Packaging
• To show what technology they use to give quality products to their customers.
• To watch carefully the degree of difference and similarities between the real life and theory.
1.3 Scope:
This study revolves basically around Super Packaging. This study includes a detailed process of supply chain & production process and what possible steps should be taken to improve the overall process.
1.4 Methodology:
While preparing this report information was gathered from the following sources:
Primary data: Super Packaging executives, workers and project Incharge.
Secondary data: Internet, machines provider companies
1.5 Limitation:
In preparing this report certain limitations were faced:
• The analysis presented here may vary with opinions of experts in this field.
• Some aspects of the report may be considered confidential by the organization

Overview of the Organization

2.1 Super Packaging:
Before moving into the production process and supply chain Super Packaging started out as a capping product manufacturing company .Then it evolved into a bottling business. Super Packaging has won the consumers’ trust for its quality. Super Packaging manufactures many different varieties in bottle, jars, caps and more. Their clients are FMCG/CPG (Fast moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods) companies, Beverages companies and many others like personal care, household care, packaged food, alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic drinks, etc.

Product Range Bottle preforms, caps, cosmetics, pharma, soda Grade- CSD, oil /Mineral Water Caps

2.2 Company Organogram:

Product lines:
Our packagings are done in a way so that we can target a wide range of consumer & business market. Our target market is segmented in few sections:

Bulk Market:
20 liter plastic Jar
10 liter plastic Jar
5 liter plastic Jar
20 liter plastic Jar Caps
10 liter plastic Jar Caps
5 liter plastic Jar Caps
Aluminium Caps for Beverages
Caps for Alcoholic drinks bottle
Caps for Non-Alcoholic drinks bottle

General Consumer Market:
5 liter plastic pet Bottle
2 liter plastic pet Bottle
1 liter plastic pet Bottle
500 milliliter plastic pet Bottle
250 milliliter plastic pet Bottle
5 liter plastic pet Bottle Caps
2 liter plastic pet Bottle Caps
1 liter plastic pet Bottle Caps
500 milliliter plastic pet Bottle Caps
250 milliliter plastic pet Bottle Caps

Job Description
3.1 Nature of the Job:
In the 24 weeks of Internship, I have worked firstly under the Sales and Distribution Department for 8 weeks and after that at supply chain & production department for 15 weeks. In the first 8 weeks period I was working as an intern to prepare sales reports for a particular area.
Company has 4 different Sales Channel-
The Sales Channels are:
Corporate Sales
Direct Sales
Retail Sales
Distribution Sales
3.2 Responsibilities of the Job:
Job responsibilities are listed below
1. Maintaining Database
2. Making calls
3. Fix Appointment
4. Daily sales and visit statement
5. Attend meetings
3.2.1 Maintaining Database:
My superior advised me to maintain a prospective customer’s database. I have followed the order of my superior and maintaining a database where I had other organizations contact number as well as the top level administration contact details. I have prepared this record by the help of internet.
3.2.2 Making calls:
I do call at a regular basis to my prospective customer’s data base. This was really helpful because when I give a phone call they are receiving my number so they can communicate with me easily for any clarifications. This is a very good way of building networks with customers.
3.2.3 Fix Appointments
I set a date with my respective customer. Some time it is difficult to make an appointment from the high level management but somehow I can manage it. With the help of this kind of appointment I have got opportunity to explain and show them our product. I constantly tried to make my appointment effective and come up with the interested customer’s uncertain date of purchase.
3.2.4 Daily sales and visit statement
I had to make a report on the particular client and their necessities. I had to send a regular visit statement to my boss. Visit report contains client name, address, contact number, e-mail address etc. He looks after my visit reports. My boss advised me to follow up my accessible clients and interested clients.
3.2.5 Attend meeting:
Every week, our whole Sales team used to sit and made plan for the week. There were 14 Sales Executives. For one week, the whole team had to bring 5 Clients to meet the target. Our boss regularly provides the prospective list of customers, and we had to fix schedule with them. Then we had to visit the client’s organization and sit with them to close the sales deal.
3.3 Different Aspect of the Job Performance:
As Pearl is a new company and small company, it still considers this stage as not fully developed. The organization is still learning and trying to cope up in the marketplace. The organization at the start analyzes the performance on the basis of the Reporting boss.

Technology and machines used in the production process and supply chain.

1. Aluminum Capping Line

1.1 Raw Material
1.1.1 Aluminum sheet

At present, the liquor, the wine and the medicinal liquor’s bottle cover are mostly made with aluminum. This is because grass bottles are used in these fields. By using hot forming process, there are large errors in the aperture size. But using can achieve the relatively high seal. In the terms of the raw material, the cost of aluminum is lower than the plastic (an aluminum cap cost the half of an plastic cap), and anti-thief cap’s structure is very complicated, the current production lines in wine industry are designed for installing aluminum caps. What’s more, the aluminum anti-theft cap is finished with high-quality aluminum alloy. It has superior performance, and can be mechanized; mass production, and no pollution, and can achieve 100% recycling, and also can meet special requirements such as high-temperature steam sterilization. In addition, aluminum cap tend to replace the cork because of the unnecessary of special open tool, and it has got many bottle cap manufacturers' favor.

The caps are suitable for screwing on glass and plastic bottles for alcoholic and soft drinks and medicines.
The tear-off ring at the bottom part separates after opening and further closure is guaranteed.

Aluminum sheet - the ideal material for the production of bottle closures: * is light weight * is easily and economically recycled * has superior barrier qualities * has good formability * Offers a bright finish for decoration.

1.1.2 Aluminum Roll-on Pilfer Proof Caps (ROPP Caps)

Internationally accepted Roll on Pilfer Proof Caps (ROPP), made of high quality Aluminum are sealing devices fitted on glass, plastic and metal containers for prevention of pilferage. The pilfer proof seal can be broke with a simple twist, assuring the consumer the purity of the sealed product. Reaffixing the closure after part consumption of the product ensures that the contents are secured and do not deteriorate or evaporate fast.
ROPP caps have wider applications in the following industry: * Distilleries * Pharmaceutical Industry * Food Industry * Health Care industry * Pesticide Industry

Technical Data Aluminum sheet

I Chemical Composition 8011 | Alloy | Si | Fe | Cu | Man | Mg | Cr | Ni | Zn | Ti | Others | | | | | | | | | | | each | Total | 8011 | 0.5~0.9 | 0.6~1.0 | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.05 | 0.05 | - | 0.1 | 0.08 | 0.1 | 0.15 |

II Tolerance | C | Width | Length | Diagonal | ±0.005mm | ±0.05mm | ±0.05mm | ≤1mm |

Mechanical Property for Continuous Casting

Alloy | Temper | Thickness (mm) | U.T.S (Map) | Elongation (%) | 8011 | H14 | 0.19~0.23 | 185~205 | ≧2 |

Mechanical Property for Direct Casting

Alloy | Temper | Thickness (mm) | U.T.S (Map) | Elongation (%) | 8011 | H14 | 0.19~0.23 | 125~155 | ≧2 |

1.1.3 Detail Description for 8011 aluminum sheet for bottle cap
8011 Coated aluminum sheet for pilfer proof caps * 1.alloy 8011 h14 * 2.Thickness 0.19-0.23mm * 3.Width: 500mm~1000mm(sheet); 50-500mm (strip) * 4.Surface : one side coated and other side protective lacquer or both side color coated * 5. Application: pilfer proof caps, pp caps. vial seal etc * 6.Packing : wooden case * 7.MOQ: 5-7 ton * 8.Delivery time: 30-50 days
8011 Aluminum sheet for pharmaceutical caps * 1.Alloy: 8011 H14, H16 * 2.Thickness : 0.19-0.23mm * 3.Width: 50-500mm * 4.Surface: one side golden and other side vanish / both sides vanish * 5. MOQ: 5-7ton as trial * 6.Packing : case in wooden boxes * 7. Application: pharmacy caps, pharmaceutical caps, seal act . * 8. Delivery time: 25- 45days
8011 Aluminum sheet for closures (uncoated) * 1.Alloy: 8011 H14 h16 * 2.Thickness 0.19-0.23mm * 3.Width from 400-1000mm * 4.Surface :cleaned by hot water , it seems DOS treated, can be printed directly * 5.MOQ: 5-7ton per size * 6. Packing: wooden pallet or cases 2.2 Aluminum Bottle Cap

1.2.1 Features of aluminum bottle caps

1. Our aluminum bottle caps are made of superior aluminum alloy AA8011.
2. The coating and printing ink are in compliance with FDA and SGS standards.
3. The foaming of sealing gaskets is by CO2 to ensure high quality and safety of the aluminum bottle caps.
4. Created by the most advanced roller coating and roller coating techniques, our aluminum caps feature exquisite printing.
5. Integrating florescence and temperature anti-counterfeiting printing technology, we have effectively enhanced the anti-counterfeiting performance of the caps.

Our aluminum bottle caps have a low density of aluminum, which is only 1/3 that of steel, with light weight and good process ability. The aluminum bottle cap is easy to strike out into various complex shapes with strong resistance to corrosion and rust. Besides, it has the advantages of superior isolation, lightproofness and aroma holding. Meanwhile, it is easy to print, tasteless and odorless, recyclable for remelting and free of pollution.

Roller printing and advanced word-milling technology combine with superior aluminum alloy, FDA compliant coating and printing oil to ensure the quality and safety of our aluminum bottle caps. They are extensively used in the packaging of wines, medicine and beverages, etc. Moreover, the aluminum bottle cap features reasonable structure, novel design, distinct and beautiful images and good anti-fake property.
1.2.2 Details of Aluminum Bottle Cap Type | Aluminum Bottle Cap | Place of Origin | , China | Payment & Shipping Terms | Minimum Order Quantity | 200,000 Pieces | Port | Qingdao | Packaging Details | standard press-resistant export carton (50×32×30cm) | Conveyance | Qty/20' FCL: 387ctns Qty/40' FCL: 800ctns | Delivery Time | 15-25 Days | Payment Terms | L/C,T/T | Supply Ability | 2000,000,000 piece/pieces per year | 1.3 Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap
Our aluminum plastic bottle caps are the products made by the latest technology. The aluminum plastic bottle cap has the advantages of excellent sealing, pilfer-proof and non-refillable functions. It can be treated by overprinting, hot stamping, and spraying lacquer. Meanwhile, with effective sealing, the aluminum plastic bottle cap is thus leakage-proof.
1.3.1 Features
1. The aluminum plastic bottle cap is designed with an enclosing anti-fake stripe, which is non-recoverable once the bottle is opened.
2. The anti-backflow plastic inner stopper will raise the counterfeiting cost.
3. Printing technology and workmanship, such as side embossing, bronzing, and silk-screening, is applied on the bottle surface.
4. Pop-ring openings are adopted, which prevents the bottle caps from being pulled off.
5. All the materials used are environment-friendly and free from pollution.

1.3.2 Details of Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap Type | Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap | Place of Origin | China | Payment & Shipping Terms | Minimum Order Quantity | 200,000 Piece | Port | Qingdao | Packaging Details | standard press-resistant export carton (50×32×30cm) | Conveyance | Qty/20' FCL: 387ctns Qty/40' FCL:800ctns | Delivery Time | 15-25 Days | Payment Terms | L/C,T/T | Supply Ability | 500,000,000 piece/pieces per year |

2. Machines Overview Used In Aluminum Capping Line

2.1 Components of Bottle Cap Production Line

2.1.1 CNC Punching Press

2.1.2 Application and Features
Used to replace manual punching, our CNC punching press features accurate positioning, high production efficiency, enhanced sheet material utilization and increased safety.

2.1.3 Main Technical Parameters when stretching general bottle caps, the strokes per minute is 90 times/min. For the long and slim caps (with the blanking diameter larger than 88mm), the strokes per minute are 60-70 times/min. Motor | 380V, 1.5KW | Maximum punching size of aluminum sheet | Z (W) X X (U) = 850MM×700 MM | Output | 41000caps/8 hours (For blanking diameter smaller than 73mm), 33600 caps/8 hours (For blanking diameter larger than 73mm) | Note | If dual-head mold is used, output will be doubled. | Machine size | 1.4M×0.75M×2M | Weight | 1800KG |
2.2 Punching Machine

2.2.1 Application and Features

The punching machine is used for succeeding stretch of bottle caps, and features easy operation, low rejection rate, convenient maintenance, low labor intensity, safety and reliability. Equipped with a counter, the punching machine can directly record the number of bottle caps, thus reducing production cost and working procedure. In addition, it can couple with a separator to form a production line. Moreover, fitted with a dual-head mold, output of the punching machine can be up to 90,000/eight hours.

2.2.2 Main Technical Parameters Motor | 380V, 1.5KW (For 16ton horizontal punching machine)380V, 1.5KW (For 8ton horizontal punching machine) | Output | 33600 caps/8hours (For 16ton punching machine, single-head mold)38400 caps/8hours (For 8ton punching machine, single-head mold) | Size | 1.5M×0.7M×1.4M (For 16ton horizontal punching machine)1.5M×0.7M×1.4M (For 8ton horizontal punching machine) | Weight | 700KG (For 16ton horizontal punching machine), 1250KG(For 8ton horizontal punching machine) |
2.2.3 Automatic Rolling Machine

2.2.4 Application and Features
The automatic rolling machine is a kind of small cap making equipment, which is suitable for caps with the inside diameter-height ratio higher than 1. The sorting and feeding of bottle caps are done automatically, and the end products are automatically pushed forward by the push bar. Low priced, our automatic rolling machine has the merits of small size, low rejection rate, low power consumption, easy operation, low labor intensity, and high production efficiency.

2.2.5 Main Technical Parameters Applicable scope | Diameter of 22MM-32MM | Rejection rate | <1% | Power consumption | Motor: 180W 380V Separator: 180W 380V | Output | 54000 caps/8hours | Machine size | 0.6M×0.5M×1.4M | Weight | 120KG |

2.3 Cap Lining Machine

2.3.1 Application and Features
Adopted for lining aluminum caps, the cap lining machine can perform cap feeding, gasket conveying and inserting, cap isolating and discharging through the separator. The full automatic cap lining machine boasts simple mechanism, convenient operation, low noise, small size and is clean, and sanitary. Hence, it is ideal equipment for improving lining quality and hygienic standard.

2.3.2 Main Technical Parameters Maximum height of bottle caps | 110MM | Maximum diameter of inserted gasket | 90MM | Power consumption | Main motor: 380V 370W | | Motor of separator: 380V 250W | | Gasket engine: 380V 90W | Output | 39000 caps/8hours | Machine size | 0.9M×0.8M×1.7M | Weight | 165KG |
2.3.3 Stamping Mould

The stamping mould is made of C-class superior alloy materials, and is created through heat treatment, superfinishing, and lapping, etc. It has the advantages of high level of stretch, accurate drawing, reasonable design, long lifetime, and convenient installation and maintenance.

2.3.4 Plastic Mould

Made of quality prehardening alloy materials, and created through nit riding and polishing treatment, our plastic mould features smooth cavity surface, high intensity, corrosion resistance, bright and clean injection-molded items, precise molding size, easy installation and optimum mechanism.

3. Roll Feed
3.1 Machine Name: Roll Feed
3.2 Machine Details: Roll Feed is a automatic feed attachment is provided to the press to feed aluminum strips on to the die and ejected. Two pairs of feeds rolls push and pull the strip on the die with automatic.
3.3 Important Measurements Required Feed of Pitch | 80mm | 100mm | Width of Pitch | 175mm | 265mm | Thickness of Strip | 0.3mm | 0.3mm | No. of pair of feed rolls | 2 | 2 | Type of Drive | Chain drive | Chain drive | Pitch Accuracy Controlling Pilots | 0.01 mm by controlling pilot | 0.01 mm by controlling pilot |

4Flip of Caps Assembly Machine

(Input) (Output)
4.2Machine Details: Multi Spindle punching (Assembling) machine for Flip off cap designed for high speed production.

Aluminum and plastic Cap's feeder device feed the both caps into the machine. First station assembles both cap and 2nd station's heated punches riveted the plastic caps knob properly.

All movable part is made by tested bearing steel.
Heater is even specially designed for this machine.
The production of 18 head machine is 1.50 Lac caps in 8 Hours.

5.1 Machine Name: Pneumatic Power Press

5.2 Machine Details: Pneumatic Power Press Punching press with automatic sheet feeder device
5.2.1 for five cavity die set
Suitable for 22x12 mm or 25x17 mm or 28x18mm.
(Note) Production capacity 480caps/minute
5.2.2 for four cavity die set
Suitable for 28x18mm or 31.5x18mm or 28x22mm production capacity 380caps/minute.
5.2.3 for three cavity die set
Suitable for 2x17mm or 28x18mm or 31.5x18mm or 28x22mm or 31.5x24mm or 38x16mm or 29.5x35mm Its operation
Production capacity 290 caps/minutes

5.2.4 for Two Cavity die
Suitable for extra die cap 2nd & 3red operation
30x35mm or 30x44mm or 31.5x44mm, or 3060mm or 31.50x60mm

6.1 Machine Name: Ring Separator

6.2 Machine Details: This Machine is Rotating Drum with slot which used to separate the punch caps from scrap ring.
6.2.1 Power: 1/2 H.P./1440 R.P.M
6.2.2 Floor Area: 560mm x 1250mm x 700mm
6.2.3 Weight: 200Kg. Approx

7.1 Machine Name: Dies

7.2 Machine Details: Dies: for Pilfer-Proof Caps, Aluminum Seal, Screw Caps, Cap Liner, Pull of Cap, Roll-on caps. Lug Caps, Shoe Polish & all type of Metallic Caps etc.
Single Cavity to 5 Cavity: All the die parts are made from special quality die steel properly hardened and ground finished for longer life. Pillar set is made from good quality E.N. Steel duly stressed reserved and hand scrapped. The die is designed to cut, draw and trimming in one operation.

8.1 Machine Name: Shearing Machine

8.2 Machine Details: The Shearing Machine used to cut the printed sheet with accuracy quickly and easily.

Machines are fitted with four edge cutting Blades. The Machine capacity is upto 24 gauge of M.S.Plate.
8.2.1 Floor Area: 1200mm X 1200mm X1100mm
8.2.2 Weight: 250Kg. Approx.


9.2 Machine Details: Single Head Automatic chuck capper is designed to vertically place a threaded cap onto a rigid container and torque the cap to a specified application torque at nominal speeds of 30 BPM. This machine is used for caps that must be vertically placed on a container or caps that require a very high precision torque specification. This “inline” bottle handling platform is used on more stable and larger containers where bottle handling is not as challenging. This allows the containers to be positively controlled without more expensive star wheel handling methods. This machine also solves the problem of particulation of polymer tightening surfaces that occur in quill or disc type capping systems.

* Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame * Aluminum and 304 S/S construction * Clean, non-painted, non-marring parts * Easy changeover modular change parts * Non-scuff chucks for gentle, positive grip * No tools quick changeover collets * Torque adjustment without tools * Clear acrylic guard with 304ss lower frame * Safety interlocks on all guard doors * Adjustment discharge height 38″ +/-2 * Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart

9.1.1 Utilities: Electric: 120 VAC /1/ 20 Amps
9.1.2 Air: 8 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air

10.1 Machine Name: Assembly Fitting Machine
10.2 Machine Details: WAD (Liner) Assembly machine with Automatic Feeder device
(i) W-24 (Model)
Suitable for 25x17mm, or 18x18mm, or 31.5x18mm
Production capacity 480 caps/minute
(ii) W-18 (Model) Rottery type
Production capacity 360 caps/minute

11.1 Machine Name: Single Spindle Knurling Machine with Feeder Device

11.2 Machine Details: The body will be made from cast iron, casting precision machine and body stand will be fabricated and good quality mild steel. Ejector shaft and main shafts aligned on taper roller bearing, lower tool spindle are accurately aligned on needle roller bearing and thrust bearing, and spindle bore ground for taper shank of Ejector shaft move on liner motion bearing.
The designing of adjustable chute and cap feeder device is so easy to lower tool is through accurate machine slides.

11.2.1 Operation: Knurling, Thread, Rolling, Bearing, perforating, Curling and Trimming.

11.2.2 Products: P.P. Caps, R.O. Caps, Shoe Polish, Bulb Holder, Torch Component, Screw Neck.

11.2.3 Range: 22 38mm. (For long extra deep caps by order)

11.2.4 Power : 1.5 H.P.

11.2.5 Weight: 450Kg. Approx.


12.2 Machine Details: Single head crimp capping system places aluminum closures onto glass and other rigid containers and then pneumatically crimes the closure into place. The aluminum closure is sorted and then stripped off a dedicated pick off while the bottle is precisely held in place by custom gripping mechanisms. This precision placement unit uses star wheel change parts for complete container control as it moves through various stations of operation. The unit is configured to accept different star wheel and plug handling change parts depending on the product, container and closure components used.

* Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame with electro less nickel plated aluminum and 304 S/S assembly components * Easy to use with color touch screen control panel * Pneumatic plugger fitted to a dedicated vial crimping head sized for customer’s aluminum seals * NEMA 4 control box * Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart * Clean, non-painted, non-marring modular change parts * No tools quick changeover * Clear plastic guard * Safety interlocks on all guard doors * Adjustment discharge height 38″ +/-2 * Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart

12.3.1 Electrical:
220 VAC, 1-phase 20 Amp – NEMA 4 backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart
TEF(total enclosed fan) ac servo motor
AC servo drive
Pneumatics: 15 cfm @ psi, clean dry compressed air.

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...Service Operations Management Tutor: Martin Beckinsale Acknowledgments The author would like to express appreciation to his tutor Martin Beckinsale for valuable, constructive critique and support during writing this report. Special thanks to Xinzhu Hu for her valuable ideas and comments during the writing progress. Besides, the author would like to take this opportunity to thanks George Kokkinidis and Martin Beckinsale’s passionate lectures. In addition, the author would like to thank the Kimberlin Library for the empirical data. I Summary The rapid development of supermarket industry resulted in fierce competitiveness among various companies. Therefore plenty of companies began to realise the significance of service and have launched a variety of innovative service models in order to gain a competitive advantage in the era of service-oriented. This report started from theories of service concept and service operation management and analysed the supply chain and customer order system of Waitrose, a UK supermarket. This report is aimed at building a new and deeper awareness of customers to Waitrose and help its operation management to be more advanced, more completed and more professional. After researching and analysing, the author found that Waitrose owns a mature and profound supply chain of pig meat. However, Waitrose relies too heavily on its own brands. Key Words: Supermarket, Service concept, Service operation management, Waitrose, supply chain,......

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...covered in the supply chain management course. The task also requires showing the understanding of the different supplies needed for delivering the product and how these supplies could be made sustainable. This analysis will enhance the student’s understanding of the issues often experienced when managing the internal and external supply chain which often fails to deliver the customers supply needs. As part of the assessment, students will need to draw a detailed computerised process map/model which takes into perspective the various interactions between the organisation, the customers and the suppliers. The headings that need to be covered in the report are: 1. Describe the product and its key characteristics with relation to the objective and perceived sources of quality explained in the textbook. How to answer the question: Students will need to research and find information about the product in addition to reflecting on the quality explanation from chapter 2 of the textbook. 2. Explain why it is important for organisations to continue innovating this product, how this innovation impacts the supply chain and the type(s) of product innovation categories this product went through during its lifecycle. This will need to be explained in relation to the chapters covered in the textbook. 1 How to answer the question: Students will need to research and explain why it is important to continue innovating this product and how this innovation will impact the supply chain. Students......

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Supply Chain Management of Nestle

...Supply chain management has gaining its importance in serving business operations and being part of strategic management of the business. Its role has been shifted from being a support department to being the core department of business with strategic importance and role to play in overall operations of the business. In modern business world no organization can sustain without having a well established, effective and efficient supply chain management. The role of vendors along with vendor management with the introduction of information technology is important consideration for organizations. Now with increase of strategic importance of supply chain management the service provider is now becoming a partner to the organization, rather being just the vendor. The factor influencing competitive advantage of the organization is now having the better vendor management and vendor relations in the list. Therefore in coming years the importance of supply chain management is expected to increase with the increase in competition and globalization. To understand the strategic supply chain management, key concepts and use of information technology to maintain the vendor relationships, this report in presented on one of the leading FMCG company Nestle. Their products range is wide and the concentration of this report is on organization’s Pakistan operations. Since Pakistan is the part of their global supply chain operations but for their milk products they have to rely on the local......

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...Business Report Managing Operations Tamera Fluaitt Western Governors University Business Report Supply Chain Strategy The strategy I recommend is the Few Suppliers Strategy. This strategy is based on forming long-term relationships with few suppliers and they more likely understand the end user. In using the few supplier strategy your company can create value by allowing economies of scale which can lower transaction and production cost. Long term suppliers also are more likely to understand what the acquiring firm and the end customer wants. If you can attain a few suppliers with a large commitment they may be willing to participate in the Just-in-Time (JIT) system. They also can help add to the design of the product by using their technological expertise. You may also have contracts with these suppliers that last through the products life cycle. The reason this strategy is recommended is because it can be difficult to deal with many suppliers. Your company needs to be assured that you can get the best product for the lowest price. When you are dealing with many suppliers you are using valuable time trying to get the supplies needed at the lowest price to produce your product. This can cause a lapse in production because of late raw material shipments which converts to loss of income. The few supplier strategy can eliminate the game playing. Your agreement with the supplier can help save money by negotiating the lowest price. As your relationship trust builds and...

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...Management des Opérations et de la Supply Chain Managing Operations and the Supply Chain ESC2A Topic 4 – Gérer les stocks le long de la supply chain # 83 1. Les différents types de stocks 2. Les coûts liés aux stocks 3. Les modes de gestion des stocks 4. Positionner les stocks Pour la prochaine session • Cas « BVSx » • Travail en groupe, comme LVMH • Lire le cas et répondre aux questions de manière concise • Déposez votre réponse avant le début de la prochaine session • Soyez prêts à présenter vos analyses en classe Management des Opérations et de la Supply Chain Managing Operations and the Supply Chain ESC2A Topic 4 – Gérer les stocks le long de la supply chain # 84 1. Les différents types de stocks 2. Les coûts liés aux stocks 3. Les modes de gestion des stocks 4. Positionner les stocks You are advising Markus Fournel as an expert. • • • • What is your assessment of the situation? The maturity of supplier management? Build a SWOT analysis for BVS from the point of view of “supplier management". What is the position of the suppliers facing BVS? What are the consequences? How do you assess that market? What impact can the "rare chemicals" category have on BVS results? Strategy? Relate to the corporate objectives. What should be the role of supplier management in relation to those objectives? How would you evaluate the relative importance of the suppliers as it relate to the support of corporate objectives? Brainstorm a short list of......

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Bus698 improve supply-chain activities; how to better align logistics and the company’s strategic plan, to integrate the supply-chain. In order to improve the movement of goods; identify challenges in integration of suppliers and manufacturers in the logistics management; companies must be willing to adjust their practices to current circumstances affecting supply-chain. Many processes exist on the market today that companies can adopt to increase their values, which affects the supply-chain management on organizational level; and financial implications by reviewing some of the best practices available on the market and improving their own supply-chain management. I have not worked directly in supply chain management for many years however; I spent over 22 years in Logistics on active duty in the United States Air Force and decided to enroll in the MBA program in Organizational Management at Ashford. Furthermore, since there is a lack of experience in a particular supply chain management, this paper will instead break down a theoretical focal company’s strategic management overall and the theories of strategic management of supply chains in particular and how they need to support each other. The three levels of supply-chain that companies used to survive and operate in business are strategic, tactical, and operational. Organization make high-level decisions at the strategic level to outline company’s mission statement, goals, and objective relevant to their operations. These......

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Operation and Chain of Supply

... Business and Management Operations and Supply Chain Case Studies In: Business and Management Operations and Supply Chain Case Studies Operations and Supply Chain Case Studies In today’s environment of global shopping where the demand for products is as wide as the number of firms offering them, orders can be placed in advance or at a moment’s notice from across the globe. The question of the manufacturer or reseller is how to best manage production across the supply chain. This paper will have two parts to it; part one will review the case study of the Realco Breadmaster. It will provide analysis on the current supply chain management and will make recommendations for a more strategic approach. Part two will focus on a case study for Toyota. This case will focus on quality and the Lean philosophy. First, it is important to provide some foundation support of what operations and supply chain management entail. Every firm or organization must make a product or provide a service to someone that is needed or valued. Operations are the collection of people, technology, and systems that are in a firm whose primary responsibility is to provide the company’s products or services (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008). “Supply chain is the network of manufacturers and service providers that convert and move good from the raw materials state through to the end user” (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008, p.4). Planning and controlling operations and supply chains are critical......

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...Module 1 Readings and Assignments Complete the following readings early in the module: Read the overview for Module 1 From the textbook, Operations management: Creating value along the supply chain (7th ed.), read the following chapters: Introduction to operations and supply chain management Project management From the Argosy University online library resources, read: Barney, J. B. (1991). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of Management, 17(1), 99–120. (ProQuest Document ID: 215258436) Barney, J. B. (2001). Resource-based theories of competitive advantage: A ten-year retrospective on the resource-based view. Journal of Management, 27(6), 643–650. Retrieved from Gopalakrishnan, S., Kessler, E. H., & Scillitoe, J. L. (2010). Navigating the innovation landscape: Past research, present practice, and future trends. Organization Management Journal, 7(4), 262–277. doi:10.1057/omj.2010.36 (ProQuest Document ID: 820961459) Long, L.D., Ohsato, A. (2008). Fuzzy critical chain method for project sheduling under resource constraints and uncertainty. International Journal of Project Management, 26(6), 688–698. Retrieved from Assignment Summary: Module......

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...Vice President of Operations, Part 1 1. Evaluate key elements of the selected production or service organization’s operational efficiency with its operational strategy. Determine three (3) tasks that do not align with the operational strategy. Determine the weaknesses that are evident in each task. PepsiCo, Inc. operates as a food and beverage company worldwide. Through its operations, authorized bottlers, contract manufacturers and other partners, the company makes, markets, sells, and distributes various foods and beverages, serving customers and consumers in approximately 200 countries and territories. The company also owns Frito-Lay company and Quaker Oats. It has bottling and distribution facilities in Asia, North and South Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean (PepsiCo 2012). PepsiCo’s supply chain management is based on the just-in-time process which allows timely replenishment of their ingredients for processing and bottling (PepsiCo 2012). PepsiCo does not own or operate the bottling and production facilities it relies on, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Recently, due to strong competition in North America, the company made a strategic decision to focus its growth projection on the international market (PepsiCo 2011). This subjects its transportation and supply chain management system at risk to disruption resulting in an adverse impact on its business and financial operations. Some potential risks are: natural disasters......

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The Role of the Engineer in the Value Chain

...the Engineer in the Value Chain 49680: Value Chain Engineering Systems Assignment 1 LE Ngoc Thang 11187604 Table of Contents 1. Summary 5 2. Introduction 6 3. Value Chain 7 4. Engineering in Value Chain 9 4.1 Inbound Criterions 10 4.2 Warehouse management Criterions 11 4.3 Logistics Operation Specifications Criterions 11 5. Conclusion 14 6. Reference 15 Table of Figures Figure 1 Supply chain of a Router 7 Figure 2 Engineering Value Chain model 9 Summary This report focuses on the key component of a business, which is Value Chain. Value Chain, as Michael Porter's definition is those activities that add value to the products and/or service provided by the company. Additionally, to achieve advantages over competitors, those activities should be run at an optimized level with careful research and strict supervision. In the first part, Supply Chain and Demand Chain are researched and in the second part, a particular industry sector will be taken into consideration to shed light on the role of engineering and by that reveal the importance of engineering in the management of Value Chain. (Porter 1985) Introduction Nowadays enterprises are facing a number of issues to maintain and expand their business. With those that manufacture goods or provide services should be aware of the importance of Value Chain in order to deeply know the flow of raw material from suppliers to end-users for example. This report gives a brief view over Value Chain system and......

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Paper for My Logistics Class

...Supply Chains going Green Name Institutional affiliation Date The discussion of supply chains going green has become a bone of contention among major stakeholders in the industry. The discussion started after the Carbon disclosure project released a report indicating that supply chains contributed greatly to the emission of carbon in the atmosphere. Due to the report, pressure has been mounting on the administration of supply chains to implement strategies on their carbon management. Analysts have however stated that there are various pros and cons of the supply chains going green, which have to be considered in the implementation of carbon management strategies. This paper analyzes the pros and cons of supply chains going green. Advantages of supply chains going green Improvement in financial performance over time There are various benefits associated with companies going green. One of the benefits of supply chains going green is the positive impact that it has on the financial performance of the supply chain. Despite the myth that cutting carbon emissions increases expense, there is evidence that cutting on carbon emissions has a great impact on cutting expenses of the supply chains. Through a systematic approach to the manner in which the supply chains operate, it is possible for the administration to analyze how carbon management strategies will cut costs for their organization. Through empirical evidence......

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Operations Managment - Kudler Fine Foods

...Running Head: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Operations Management MMBPL502 Patricia Schroeder January 23, 2012 Introduction Kathy Kudler, the Founder of Kudler Fine Foods, has decided to expand her business by contracting with local growers of organic produce. Kathy has requested that I report what steps need to be taken and what operational changes will be necessary if Kudler decides to pursue this business path. The report should identify those business processes at Kudler that could be affected by this decision and explain how they would be affected. It should describe how Kudler’s supply chain would be affected by this decision and finally, it should describe the quality control tools and performance standards that Kudler would need to put in place to ensure the effectiveness of its operations. Business Process It is useful to categorize processes to describe how a process is designed. By being able to quickly categorize a process, we can show the similarities and differences between processes. Make-to-order – this process is activated only in response to an actual order. Inventory (both work-in-process and finished goods) is kept to a minimum. Make-to-stock – this is a highly efficient process that produces standard products that can be delivered quickly to the customer. Hybrid – this process combines the features of both make-to-order and make-to-stock (Chase, Jacobs, Aquilano, 2005). Inventory Control Each of Kudler’s......

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International Operations Management Strategies of Apple Inc.

...International Operations Management Strategies of Apple Inc. Introduction Apple is an American multinational technology corporation which has been highly regarded for its innovative products for a long time. Apple is recognised by customers for its hardware products including iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod and Apple Watch, which ingeniously combine advanced features, unparalleled user experience and attention to small details in design (University Alliance, 2016). As an multinational company, Apple has its well-appointed retailing system with 475 retail stores in 17 countries (MacRumors, 2016), as well as online Apple stores and iTunes Stores of different regions. According to Forbes Lists, the market Cap of Apple is $741.8 billion in May 2015, which was identified as the most valuable brand (worth $145.3 billions) in the world (, 2015). For the first fiscal quarter 2016 ended December 26, 2015, Apple reported quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion with a net income of $18.4 billion (Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results, 2016). $65.5 billion of the revenue was driven by the sales of iPhone, iPad and Mac; $6.05 billion was contributed by the sales of services including Internet Services, AppleCare, Apple Pay and other services; other ptoducts like Apple TV and Apple watch brought $4.35 billion of revenue to this quarter (See Appendix I). Apple Corporation was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1976 to sell personal computers (Richardson,...

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Operations and Supply Chain Management Concepts/Tools

...Operations and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools Student’s Name University Affiliation Executive summary The paper has discussed the steps the B.F. Goodrich can use to ensure that they improve the decision making process that has been seen to be one of the disadvantages leading to the deterioration in the returns of the company. The paper has discussed he concept that can be followed by the company in solving the problem that they face and the paper puts across that the company can use the concept of aligning the demand planning across the supply chain. This has been seen to encourage focus of the company on the market demand and hence leading to the improvement of the market position. Background Information This report is based on B.F. Goodrich Corporation whose origin is based back to the time of Benjamin Franklin Goodrich who had followed an indirect route in the rubber industry. This is because he had pursued a course in medicine and education but later ventured into the business industry. B.F Goodrich had a tough experience during the periods when it was starting and the first product that it dealt with was products produced from cotton. From the early times of the company history there was a dedication to research and development in the rubber technology and always applied the earliest technology in the production of rubber tires. The products was diversified after the first world war due to the demands created at the time. B.F.......

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