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Teachers of Extreme Excellence (T.E.E.) Training

I’ve decided to address my report to the Board of Education for the state of Maryland. I will be recommending a training program to the Board for teachers in grades 5 through 8, but specific grades based on the data and research gathered. This training is to help increase the scores in the areas of reading and mathematics for students within the identified grades. These scores are from the Maryland State Assessments (MSA) done annually. Although this is a fictitious program, the research will support the fact this training is needed.

The purpose of my report is to identify the reading and math scores of counties within Maryland that are doing well and those that need to improve. This information will acknowledge to the school Board the importance of having proficiently trained as well as engaged educators teaching our students. It will also identify specific reasons why some areas may score higher than others on

I will gather information from the internet and reports from school systems from different counties. In addition the MSA records will be used to get scores and specific data trends on how counties compare with one another.

Recommending the Teachers of Extreme Excellence Training course will require resources, therefore the Board will need to consider whether this training is valuable to the school enough to invest resources to support it. In addition, the time required for educators to attend will also need to be considered. These considerations will aid the Board in determining which counties will require and receive the resources to support the training.

Education is very important during the impressionable years of a child’s life. This report will identify why education is important during the elementary and middle school years and provide information for the Board to make and...

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