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Participation of Bangladesh in economic integration: BIMSTEC and BCIM

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Md. Imran Hossain
Department of Finance
University Of Dhaka

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NAMES | ID | Group
No: 04
Mahedul Islam | 19-054 | Khaled Mahmud Javed | 19-082 | MahfuzurRahman | 19-084 | MoumitaHalder | 19-094 | ShahajadiAnjumanAra | 19-136 |

Date of Submission: August 16, 2015
Letter of Transmittal

August 16, 2015

Md. Imran Hossain
Department Of Finance
University Of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Course Report Participation of Bangladesh in economic integration: BIMSTEC and BCIM Dear Sir,

With great pleasure we would like to submit our Report on “Participation of Bangladesh in economic integration: BIMSTEC and BCIM.” as per course requirement. It was our immense pleasure to have such a report. It was a wonderful experience to work on this report.

As you will see in the following pages we have first shown basic ideas of economic integration. Then we have focused basically on two integrations: BIMSTEC and BCIM, their impact in the economy of Bangladesh and an overall overview of their impact in their respective member countries.. We have also present BIMSTEC contribution to export, import and overall trade balance performance with their member courtiers and opportunities for Bangladesh with BCIM.

Therefore, we beg your kind consideration in this regard. We will be very grateful if you accept our report and oblige us thereby

Executive Summary

We have basically focused on two among the various economic integrations: BIMSTEC and BCIM. Here we have try to analyze what are impacts of this integrations in the economy of Bangladesh and with their member countries.
Total export of Bangladesh...

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