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Internship Report, internship document , internship term paper.




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Jannatul Ferdaous Lecturer Department Of Business Administration

Southeast University

Submitted by

Md. Nazmus Sakib Program: BBA Major: HRM ID: 2007010000199 Batch: 15th



At first I convey my special thanks to Lecturer Ms. Jannatul Ferdaous, my honorable supervisor for her proper supervision during her busy days. Also thanks to Mr. Engr. S.M. Anisuzzaman, VP and Branch Incharge, Jamuna Bank Limited, Sonargaon Road Branch for his cooperation during my internship period in the Bank. Then thanks to all other officials of JBL, SRB specially Mr. Khalad Mosharaf (FEO), Mr. Illias Uddin Ahamed Chowdhury (SEO), Mr. Yousuf Solaiman Russel (JAVP), Mr. Yeasir Mahamud (SEO), Ms. Roksana (EO) and Mr. Anwarul Kobir (FAVP) & sub Manager, for their cooperation, appreciation and amiable behavior which made my internship report worthy and valuable. I also express my special thanks to my intern colleagues of the Bank.

Finally I apologize to those whose names I have not mentioned in my acknowledgment. However they are in the core of my heart and I am always grateful to them.

(Md. Nazmus Sakib)
BBA, Major in HRM
ID No: 2007010000199 Batch: 15th
Southeast University

Letter of Transmittal

December 19, 2010


Ms. Jannatul Ferdous

Department of Business Administration

Southeast University
House# 64, Road# 18, Block# B, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

. Subject: Submission of Internship Report.
Dear Madam,
I have been doing my internship report under your supervision. Here...

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