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1)From the survey we got to know that,17 of employees said that the Employer rarely provides health check-ups of their employees and 2 said that they never get the health check –ups. So the employees often get the service of Health check –ups.
2)Second question asked about that whether the recreational centre provided to them by the employers to freshen up in case of tiring day,majority vote says almost always i.e 13 out of 19.
3)Third question asked about whether their family get the compensation in case of employees death by the employers. 18 employees replied with the answer almost always.
4)Fourth question was asked about whether the timing flexibility provided to them,the majority of 10 votes of employees says sometimes,5 says rarely and 3 of them says never.
5)Fifth question was asked about whether the measures are taken by the employers to reduce stress of employees, the majority vote says sometimes i.e 17 and 2 of them say everyonce in a while.
6)Sixth question was asked about whether the facilities are provided to employees for their wellbeing by your employers,majority vote i.e 11 says everyonce in a while and 8 of them says sometimes.

7)Seventh question was asked about whether any kind of health management programs are provided, majority vote of 14 says everyonce in a while and 5 of them says sometimes.
8)Eigth question was asked about whether the health risk appraisals are given or not, all of them says they never get such type of appraisals.
9)Ninth question was asked about whether the telephonic wellness services are practiced by your employers,the majority vote of 10 say never.
10)Last question was asked about whether weight management (like losing of weight)is practiced or not, 9 of the employees say almost always ,8 of them says sometimes and 2 says everyonce in a...

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