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Report on Salvation Army

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Executive summary.................................................................... 2
Overview of Organisation........................................................... 3
Overview of Collaborative Platform........................................... 3
Knowledge Management Orientation........................................ 4
Analysis of KM and Collaborative Platform................................ 6
Recommendations..................................................................... 8
Conclusion.................................................................................. 8
References.................................................................................. 9

Executive Summary:

The report is on oragnisation which is not for profit in market. So, we have chosen Salvation Army as our report topic because it has successfully running in market and it’s very well known as worldwide plus this is based on not profit business. Also, The Army is welfare social association in business world. The given report emphasize on the interviewing of either KT or IT manager to know that person ideal knowledge sharing and transfer platform. the empirical research done it basically begin with the overview of salvation army about history and work giving base idea of this terms outlining the specifications of this tools in business process, proceeding with detailed description of the terms of knowledge management orientation and analysis of KM and collaborative platform leading to brief discussion on the knowledge management among the bill jones interview by our group partner Milica. The picture of oragnisation structure is illustrating the relationship among the internal and external group that how they are connected within the...

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