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Report on the Obesity Problem in Hong Kong

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Report on the obesity problem in Hong Kong

1. Background
Obesity is a common health problem in developed countries. In Hong Kong, a developed and prosperous city, the problem of obesity is not as serious as what happen in USA (Hong Kong Department of Health, 2009). However, it is still an alarming problem. Hong Kong citizens have high-paced lives that increase the chance of being obese. This report is to find what are the main reasons for obesity in Hong Kong and what preventative measure can be taken to avoid the obesity problem.

2. Situation of obesity in Hong Kong
Men in Hong Kong are easier to be obese than women. According to Hong Kong Department of Health (2009), from two different studies concerning the phenomenon of obesity in Hong Kong, there are 10 to 20 percent of Hong Kong people who are obese. Moreover, it is found that it is more common for men being obese than women. Similar trends are found in two studies. It shows that the obesity problem for men is even more serious.

3. Main Reasons for obesity in Hong Kong
The reasons for obesity in Hong Kong can be divided into 3 main reasons, which are generally happened in Hong Kong people’s lives.
3.1 Unbalanced nutrition intake
High intake of energy-dense foods will lead to weight gain, whereas high intake of dietary fibre can keep body weight (Hong Kong Department of Health, 2009). Hong Kong citizens have busy schedules and they would rather cut down on their time for dining to save time. Thus, fast food is quite popular among Hong Kong people. According to Hong Kong Department of Health (2009), a fast food meal averagely fills 100% of recommended calories intake for an adult. The unhealthy eating habit is a factor causing obesity.

3.2 Sedentary lifestyle
According to Hong Kong Department of Health (2009), a person’s BMI is inversely proportioned to his physical activity. Urban...

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