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BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

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BBA Report

A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

Executive Summary
This report is an assigned job as a partial fulfillment of course requirement by honorable Course teacher Imranul Islam, Lecturer Dept. of Marketing, Faculty of
Business Administration and Management. It is the optimum aggregated outcome of
10 pupils’ about a report on “Marketing Plan and Promotion Plan of a New
Bangladesh is a land of fertile. Here different types of fruits are grown. Among them
Pineapple is one of the most testy and nutrias fruits. In this country there are different types of juice are being marketed by different companies. But Pineapple is unexplored area of juice production in Bangladesh. So we have decided to produce juice by pineapple and want to capture the unexplored market of juice.


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Every product in modern marketing era needs a proper marketing and promotion plan. So our new product of pineapple juice “Anaross” do needs a proper marketing and promotion plan. Because, these two plans are the best way to get best selling and consumer preferences in comparison with other products in the market. A good marketing and promotion plan always forecasts the future activities with proper judgmental knowledge. Better prediction ability of the marketer heavily influences the success of the product and way to survive in the modern competitive market.

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Fazle Khoda­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html



BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice


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Objectives of the Report:
As a business expectative of future, we should have to gather experience beside our books. We should not concern our lesson only in classroom but to implement it in practical life. That will help us in our future life. A clear objective helps in preparation of well decorated report in which others take the right type of decision. So, identifying objectives is very much important. Our purpose of preparing the report is:
 To identify a new product
 To depict a marketing plan for the new product
 To describe the promotion plan for the new product

Limitations of the Report
As a student of faculty of Business Administration and Management, this is our first initiative for making a report on “New Product Development & Develop a Marketing
& Promotion Plan”. Although we have completed the report we had some obstacles in preparing this report:
 Lack of practical experience
 Lack of sufficient books & journal
 Shortage of time

Product overview:
Product overview includes categories of product, raw­materials of product and also the nutritional value of the pineapple Juice.
 Categories of products: There are 4 size of juice we are proposed for lancing. They are:
 Junior Juice Pack (120ml)
 Normal Pack(250ml)
 Contemptible Pack (500ml)
 Family Pack(1ltr)

Family pack Normal pack junior pack

Raw materials of juice: The main raw material for our juice is fresh pineapple.
The other materials are:­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 2/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

 Pineapple
 Water
 sugar
 Xanthan Gum
 Citric Acid
 Vitamin A
 Vitamin C
 Sodium Benzoate
 Approved Preservatives
 Natural Identical Pineapple Flavor

Pricing system:

Pricing strategies are most important stage in marketing mix. As we are going to launch a new product in the market, we do not have any idea whether the price would be accepted or not by the customers. If we select extensively high price, customers will not buy and volume of sales will be very low. On the other hand setting lower price will not cover our costs. So we have to consider the following things in selecting price.
 Acceptance of product:
As our product faces competition against different types of juice, price of our product should be accepted by customers. We will keep reasonable price and provide quality product for customers’ acceptance.
 Maintaining market share:
If our product is accepted by customers in near future, more competitors will enter in the market. So our price should be such that can protect our market share in the competition.
Moreover we will need to lower the price to hold the market share at the time of competition.  Earning profit:
Our main objectives are to earn profit. So we should not set any price that will not cover the reasonable cost of the product. After covering the cost we set a profit margin for our pricing. We have followed appropriate costing method and then set up the price logically by following the proper pricing system

Pricing system
pineapple juice( 120ml)
juice (1liter)

Prime cost Variable cost profit

Margin Selling

Retailers selling price


Overheads Unit
































BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

Manufacturing segment
 Location analysis:
Location analysis is very much important for the business enterprise. We want to establish our production plant in Rupgong, Narayanjang, Dhaka. There are some reasons for selecting the Rupgong our plant location are given below:
 Supply of electricity is available.
 Supply of gas is available.
 Law &order situation is well enough.
 Financial institutions are available in Rupgangthat’s why the transaction of money is very easy.
 Transportation system is very good

 Transportation factors:
Transportation system is an important factor for every business. In Rupjangthe access of transportation is very good. There are 2 types of transportation system which are available in Rupjang. Those are:
 Water way
 Road transportation

 Sources of raw materials:
Basically pineapples are produced in hill area. In Bangladesh the pineapples are found in
Sylhet, Chittagong & modupur in Dhaka.  NAME OF THE SUPPLIERS Of RAW MATERIALS:
1. Mr. JamilHossain, (pineapple Suppliers), Office: 34/4, Chittagong.
2. Mr. subedierali, (pineapple Suppliers), Office: 15/4, Olonker Mor,sylhet.
3. MR.ramgopal (pineapple suppliers), office 26, haji mohasin road, sylhet.

 Labor situation:
Labor is an important element in manufacturing process. So supply of labor, Wage of labor is important factors .supply of both skilled & non skilled labor is available in
Rupgong. We try to collect skilled labor among them. We will provide a handsome salary to our labor­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 4/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

 Machineries used in production:
We will use different machineries in our production plant to make our production process speedy &easy. Here we mention some name of machines which is used in our production plant:  Juice extortion machine
 Pasteurizer machine
 The juice mixing Machine
 Bottle washing, filling, machine Juice extortion machine pasteurizer Machine Juice mixing machine Bottle Washing, filling machine

Financial Overview
As we will start our business in the year of 2011, we can’t expect a huge sales as well as huge profits. But our market research says that there is a good potentiality of this unique featured product. We project our sales will be kept rising Next year. More ever promotion and advertising will help in increasing sales. At the very first of our business our mission should be emphasis on promotional activities and recognizing the product at every level.
Now we are showing our three years projected plan



sales Revenue: 120 (3,00,000*10)=30,00,000+ (450000*10)= 4500000+ ml (4,50,000*17)=76,50,000+ (6,00,000*17)=
(1,20,000*32)=38,40,000+ 10200000+
250 ml
(1,30,000*60)=78,00,000+ (180000*32)= 5760000+ =22290000
(200000*60)= 12000000+


Variable Cost (Raw­ materials, marketing, advertising, Promotion)


(450000*3.75)= 1687500
(180000*9.75)= 1755000


Contribution margin




Fixed Cost ( Land, 1,00,00,000
Storage, Machine)



Total Cost




Profit Margin




Fig: Per year unit sales according to product category­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 5/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

Fig: Yearly Profit margin

Sources & uses of fund:
This section describes the sources of fund & their uses.
We have 10 partners who will provide Tk. 2000000each.The total amount of fund will be
Tk2 core.
Share of profit & loss: All members will invest equal amount of money. So the amount of loss & profit will divide equally among the partners.
The amounts of taka we are using in different areas are given below:

Plant & machinery: 40, 00,000
Computer printer: 6, 00,000
Covered van& transportation cost: 20, 00,000
Air condition: 2, 50,000
Photocopy machine: 3, 00,000
Furniture: 5, 00,000
Land & building: 25, 00,000
Variable cost: 7000000 Cash in Hand: 3000000

The following milestones identify the key marketing programs. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget. As successful entrepreneur we must fix the detailed action plan with when we are going to perform that. There are some primary activities (planning, permeation from Government) that we assume& we have already performed. Fig: Implementation time
Building production plant: 3 month
Purchasing machineries: 1.5 month
Creation of marketing channel: 2.5 month
Start production: 3month
Start selling of product: 4 month­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html



BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

Marketing overview:
Current market Situation:
Currently in Bangladesh, the national economy and marketplace are undergoing rapid changes and transformation. A large number of reasons could be attributed to these changes; one of the reasons in these changes in the Bangladesh’s Market situation is
Globalization, and the subsequent and resulting explosive growth of global trade and the international competition. The other reason for these changes in the Bangladesh’s Market situation is the technological change. This is an important factor because the technological competitiveness is making, not only the Bangladesh’s market, but also the global marketplace competitive. In the Bangladesh’s Marketing situation, the market success goes to those companies that are best matched to the current environmental imperatives. Those companies that can deliver what the people want and can delight the
Bangladesh’s customers are the market leaders. Today the companies are operating in such a marketplace where survival of the fittest is the law. In order to win, the companies are coming out with various new and evolving strategies because the Bangladesh’s market is also changing very fast. It is to capture the Bangladesh’s market, that the domestics companies and the Multi­National Companies are using all of their Resources.
In order to get the current market share of juice we surveyed among 50 people of Barisal and asked their preference for juice when they are thirsty.

Current market share:


















Fig: Current market share

Marketing opportunities:
Analyzing the current market situation we found that there are many strong competitors exist in market. But our product is totally new & different from existing products. Our product is qualitative & good for health. That’s why we think that this juice will be demandable in market. There is a huge potential market for juice in Bangladesh because; pineapple juice is a new product in the market. People have a squashy view to pineapple rather than any other fruits. Because it’s nutritional value is higher than other fruits.

SWOT Analysis:
SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a convention at­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 7/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies
Components and strategies of SWOT analysis A SWOT analysis must first start with defining a desired end state or objective. A SWOT analysis may be incorporated into the strategic planning model. An example of a strategic planning technique that incorporates an objective­driven SWOT analysis is Strategic Creative Analysis (SCAN). Strategic
Planning, including SWOT and SCAN analysis, has been the subject of much research.
Strengths: attributes of the person or company those are helpful to achieving the objective. Weaknesses: attributes of the person or company those are harmful to achieving the objective. Opportunities: external conditions those are helpful to achieving the objective.
Threats: external conditions which could do damage to the business's performance.




Figure: SWOT analysis

Here we have given SWOT of our pineapple juice:
1. Strength:
 Quality product.
 The Product has a great nutritional value.
 Well distributional channel.
 Skilled management system,
 Proper accounting system.
 Foresighted marketing department.
2. Weakness:
 lack of experience
 Shortage of capital
 Small scale production
3. Opportunities:
 High demand
 A developing market
 A market vacated by ineffective competitor
 Favorable government rules and regulations
4. Threats:
 Strong competitor
 Economic instability­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 8/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

 Price wars with competitors
 High taxation rate

Marketing Strategy
A market segment is a group of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product and or service needs. A market segment is a group of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product and service needs. We segmented our market according to the basis of age, income, & weight.
We have proposed 4 types of juice products according to our market segmentation. Those are following:
 Junior Juice Pack (120ml)
 Normal Pack(250ml)
 Contemptible Pack (500ml)
 Family Pack(1ltr)

Target market:
A marketer can rarely satisfy everyone. Not everyone likes the same thing. Therefore marketers start by dividing up the market into segments. They identify and profile distinct group of buyers who might prefer or require varying product and service mixes by examining demographic psychographic, geographic, technological and behavioral differences among buyer. Then the marketer designed which segments present the greatest opportunities, which are its Target markets. We have segmented our total local market into 4 parts according to the consumers’ affordability, and our main target is to enter into this segmented market and satisfy all the consumers. Our target market is total local market.

Market Positioning:
In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create awareness and positioning in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization. It is the relative competitive comparison of their product occupying in a given market as perceived by the target market. Our juice helps to maintain good health which create a value in consumer mind about this product motivate them to buy frequently. Frequent ads on TV, internet and radio channels will help to reach our message to our targeted consumers. Then we will have print and billboard ads in respect of our product and market.
We positioned our product as:
 High quality product
 Reasonable price
 Reliable

Pull Strategy:
Pull strategy is a promotion strategy that calls for spending a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to induce final consumers to buy the product. If the pull strategy is effective, consumers will then demand the product from channel members. Who will intern demand it from producers. We will emphasize on pull strategy more to have long lasting sustenance in the competitive market. We will change our marketing strategies over time to satisfy the consumers changing demand.
Push Strategy:­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 9/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

It is a promotion strategy that calls for using the sales force and trade promotions to push the product through channels. The producer promotes the product to channel members to induce them to carry the product and to promote it to final consumers. We will also follow push strategy initially to grab the consumers of other brands’ products. We have a strong belief that if any consumer tastes our product single time he/she will be interested to purchase it again and again.

Distribution Strategies:
In generally there are different types of marketing distribution system. Consumers are able to buy the products from different market place. All these distribution strategies are consists of producer, wholesaler, retailer, and finally to the consumer.
There are mainly four types of marketing distribution channel:
1. Conventional Marketing channel
2. Vertical marketing channel
3. Horizontal Marketing channel
4. Hybrid Marketing channel
We select the conventional marketing channel to distribute our product. Our juice will be distributed by the specified distributor which will be selected by the company. The selected distributor will supply the juice product to the wholesaler and also to the retailer and the consumer will collect the product from the retailers.
There are three types of distribution strategies:
1. Selective distribution
2. Intensive distribution
3. Exclusive distribution
We choose the intensive distribution for our product. We will supply our product all over the country on the basis of our product demand so that the consumer can get the product easily. The distribution channel is given below:
Our firm
Final consumer Retailers
Authorized dealer

FIG: Distribution channel

Promotional activity:
We make promotional activities for our product in different school, college, various quiz competitions, debates, and so on.

 Advertisements will be given in television, radio, internet, magazine, newspapers, and billboards. Advertising themes will be changed with time and promotional activity will be carried out to generate the consumer.
 In different occasion we will open special sales center where attractive point of purchase display would be arranged to create positive image in consumer’s mind.
 We will provide different incentive to our distributor.
 We will sponsor various cultural programs, national occasions, Religion festival, other­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 10/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice

important day(s). Such as Phahela Baishak (Happy Bangla New Year); Eid –Ul­ Fitar,
Eid –UL –Azha, Friendship day, world Health day, World Child Day ect
 We will sponsor some health related campaigns.

Marketing Research:
During the initial phase of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to gain insight into prospective customers. These focus groups provided helpful insight into the decision making processes.
An additional source of dynamic market research is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system. The suggestion card has several statements that customers are asked to rate in terms of a given scale.
There are also several open ended questions that allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise.
The “pineapple juice” will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to improve their service offerings, as well as show its commitment to the customer that their suggestions are valued.

Financial Forecasts:
For the first few years it would be very hard for us to perform marketing activities because, our targeted consumers are not aware about our product or our brand. So for the first few years we have to spend a lot for the marketing activities of our product. For the first 3 years for marketing and promotional activities we plan to expense 1500000 taka.
The distribution of the total sum of money of different Medias of advertising is given bellow:  Television 700000
 Radio 400000
 Internet 200000
 Billboards 200000

Conclusion A marketing plan is a plan which outlines a company's overall marketing efforts and

marketing plan may be a part of an overall business plan. Building a new brand or product needs huge promotional activities. To introduce a completely new product or brand it needs effective and future oriented sequential steps. In case of this plan all the necessary steps has been outlined in a systematic manner. The things shown are designed in such a way that is able to grab the attention of the present customers of other products.


1. Entrepreneurship Development Nazrulislam, Muhammad Z Mamun
2. Kotler. P, Keller.K. L, Marketing management, 11th Edition
3. Gitman. J. Lawerance, Managerial Finance, 10th, Edition
4. Kotler.P& Armstrong, Principle of Marketing, 11th Edition
5. Essential of Business Enviourment, k Aswathappa, 7th edition
2. www.scribd .com­marketing­plan­of­pineapple­juice.html 11/12


BBA Report: A Marketing Plan of Pineapple Juice


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...KOLEJ PROFESIONAL MARA BERANANG REPORT WRITING FORMAT Prepared by: Roselena Mansor Deputy Director (Academic Affairs) 10 December 2009 1 This report format contains guideline on word-processed report writing for all programmes in KPM Beranang. 1.0 Language The entire report should be written in English except for courses which the medium of instruction is not in English. Language use d must be simple and direct to the related course. 2.0 Font Use Arial as font type of size 12 for all text in the report. 3.0 Title and subtitle All titles and subtitles must be numbered and bold. The subtitles should not be indented but arranged in a structured manner not more than three levels as follow: 1.0 First level (Title of the topic) level 1 1.1 Second level (Title of the subtopic) level 2 1.1.1 Third level (Title of the sub-subtopic) level 3 Sub -topics beyond level three are not allowed and should be labeled using alphabets (a, b, c, ) and Romans. Numbering using Roman style (i, ii, iii, .) is only allowed after the alphabets have been used. Example: 1.1.1 a. .. i. .. b. . 2 All numbering should be left aligned. 4.0 Line/Body Text Spacing Use JUSTIFY alignment with 1.5 spacing for the entire body text throughout the report. The text body should not be indented for each paragraph, but hit the enter key twice before stating the following new paragraph. 5.0 Captions Captions must be written at the top of any table or figure. 6.0 Margins All pages should be set......

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Incident Report Administration promote a culture that promotes patient safety, the hospital’s Incident Reporting Policy is based upon a foundation of nonpunitive approach to incident/occurrence reporting. The hospital leadership will encourage open and honest reporting of injuries and hazards to patients, visitors and staff, this process will be nonpunitive in nature for all persons reporting incidents throughout the organization. Incidence/occurrence investigations will be viewed as an opportunity for education/process improvement, and will focus on processes and systems, rather than human error. Disciplinary action will be limited to only those employees who engage in willful or malicious misconduct, or those occurrences in which the employee failed to report an incident or hazard to patients in a timely manner. II. Responsibility A. All hospital employees, medical staff members, volunteers, and contract service members will participate in the hospital-wide incident reporting program. All incidents such as those listed as follows will be reported to the department of quality management: 1. Incidents involving inconsistencies with written hospital policies and procedures—informed consent, bedrails, patient...

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Guide for Report Writing

...What is a report? A report ‘reports’ on something in a concise, formal way using clearly defined sections presented in a standard format, which tell the reader what you did, why and how you did it and what you found. It is the formal writing up of a practical experiment, project or research investigation. A report is written in a way which presumes that the reader knows nothing about your experiment or research. It is usually written more concisely than an essay, with headings and sub-headings and perhaps bullet-point recommendations, etc. A research report must be written in sufficient detail so that someone reading it would be able to replicate your research exactly. It usually contains arguments and critical evaluation to support a proposed course of action, or to evaluate a business issue. BEFORE YOU START WRITING… • Firstly, check with your lecturer and the module handbook for precise instructions, i.e. the prescribed report structure, word count, deadline. All UHBS reports are module and assignment specific, so this guide only gives a very general idea of structure and content. • Be very detail minded. All UHBS reports will require accurate referencing, good clear English, professional presentation, i.e. clear structure, coherent, free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. • If you are compiling a group report, assign roles. One person in the group could be assigned the role of ‘editor’ to finally ensure the report is put......

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How to Write a Report

...Writing Reports: According to Oxford English Dictionary, a report is a statement of the results of an investigation or any matter in which definite information is required. Different Types of Report: Depending upon the subject area it might would be: laboratory reports, technical reports, and reports of a work placement or industrial visit, reports of a field trip of field work. For writing a proper reports following material should considered: • Plan your report and divide the platform in a various stages, • Careful planning of reports will give a clear concise and effective results, • Collecting the information from various truthful sources and organizing the information, • Finally structuring the reports that vary according to the various types of reports said earlier. Following are the common elements can be found in many different reports: o Title page: The authors name, module, course and the date. o Acknowledgements: Give thanks to the librarians, technicians or computer centre staff. o Contents: List all the main sections in a sequence with page numbers. o Abstract of Summary: It should be concise informative and independent of the report. o Introduction: It will include context, scope of the report, terms of reference as well as define the limits of report, give a brief general background. o Methodology: Show the way of inquiry like interviews or questionnaires. o Results or......

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Project Status Report

...[PROJECT STATUS REPORT] Rev. 1.0, 25/10/2013 Company here Bi-weekly Project Status Report GENERAL INFORMATION Project Name Project Manager Project ID Number Prepared by Project Sponsor Reporting Period Ending Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Report Number Section I TASKS/MILESTONES COMPLETED This section only includes tasks/milestones that are completed since last reporting period (Report Number CT-BWR-09, dated 23/05/2012). [Insert rows as needed] Description of Task/Milestone Baseline Finish Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Current Status* Actual Finish Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Remarks [PROJECT STATUS REPORT] Rev. 1.0, 25/10/2013 Section II Company here ISSUES IDENTIFIED [Insert rows as needed] Description of Issue Reported by Reported Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Estimated Resolution Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Remarks Section III PROJECT CHANGES [Insert rows as needed] Change Reques t ID No. Description of Change Change Requestor Approval Status Action Steps Actual Resolution Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Current Change Status* [PROJECT STATUS REPORT] Rev. 1.0, 25/10/2013 Section IV Company here UPCOMING TASKS/MILESTONES This section only includes tasks/milestones that are to be completed by next reporting period, ending 06/06/2012. [Insert rows as needed] Description of Task/Milestone Baseline Finish Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Current Status* Remarks *Key: This column should be populated with the task/milestone current status. Valid......

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Management Report Format

...For whatever research you intend to do in your law enforcement profession, always plan to record enough information so that people outside of your agency can understand and interpret what you’re researching, why, and how. * Title Page (name of the agency, product, program, or service that is being researched; date) * Table of Contents * Executive Summary (one-page, concise overview of findings and recommendations) * Purpose of the Report (what type of research was conducted, what decisions are being aided by the findings of the research, who is making the decision, etc.) * Background About Agency/Product/Service/Program that is being researched       a) Organization Description/History       b) Product/Service/Program Description (that is being researched)                   i) Problem Statement                   ii) Overall Goal(s) of Product/Service/Program                    iii) Outcomes (or client/customer impacts) and Performance                                            Measures (that can be measured as indicators toward the outcomes)                   iv) Activities/Technologies of the Product/Service/Program                                            (general description of how the product/service/program is developed and delivered)                   v) Staffing (description of the number of personnel and roles in the organization that are relevant to developing and delivering                        the product/service/program) *......

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Report Writing Guidelines

...REPORT WRITING GUIDELINES ACADEMY OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT & FACILITY MANAGEMENT NHTV BREDA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES By Marina Brinkman ( Alinda Kokkinou ( Jelmer Weijschedé ( Version 1.0 08 September 2011 Summary The purpose of this document is to provide you with information on report writing and serve as an illustration of what your report should look like. The document also addresses the content and style of your report and how you should reference others’ ideas and information. Table of Contents Acknowledgments ................................................................................................................................................................... 4  1.  2.  3.  3.1.  3.2.  3.3.  3.4.  3.5.  3.6.  3.7.  3.8.  3.9.  4.  5.  5.1.  5.2.  5.3.  5.4.  5.5.  5.6.  5.7.  6.  Introduction ..................................................................................................................................................................... 5  Types of Reports ............................................................................................................................................................ 5  Structure of a Report .................................................................................................................................................... 5  Cover Page, Title of the Report,...

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