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Headquartered in Greenville, SC, Bowater Incorporated is a leading producer of coated and specialty papers and newsprint. Founded in 1881 in England, Bowater has evolved into an international public corporation that is among the largest manufacturer in North America. Bowater common stock (BOW) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It operates in five divisions: Newsprint, Coated Papers, Specialty Papers, Lumber and Market Pulp. There are currently 14 analysts following the stock.
On January 29, 2007, Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. and Bowater Incorporated announced a definite agreement to combine in an all-stock merger of equals. On October 29, 2007, the completion of the transaction was announced by the two companies and the combination of Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. and Bowater Incorporated formed a new merger of AbitibiBowater.
Bowater originally announced that over the next two years it is expected to realize in excess of $250 million in annualized synergies. The Company also expects to achieve a debt-reduction of $1 billion over the next three years in order to enhance its global competitiveness . AbitibiBowater focus is to provide access to a broad range of forest products and best-in-class customer service, as well as a relentless commitment to the environment.
Several significant to rigorously evaluate Bowater financial evaluation. Now that the merger with Abitibi is now complete, investor can look forward invest in the stock of AbitibiBowater. The positioning of the new company is poised to achieve significant synergies and to better face the challenging market conditions
This analysis begins with Bowater financial highlight. This study helps assess AbitibiBowater market conditions, some expectations of its operating results and…...